summer cable treats

I did mention that I don’t have real cable, but I have had the opportunity to get addicted to just a few cable shows at someone else’s house. A dangerous precedent but sometimes you just have to live dangerously.

  • Flight of the Conchords – (HBO) So there’s these two New Zealand guys who are in a band that does these pretty hilarious ‘folk-parody’ songs. I don’t know what these guys are really like but the characters and situations that they’ve created for this half hour show about their band (Flight of the Conchords) trying to make it in NY, that almost feels like an extended music video, is totally random and just makes me laugh. (Season finale week of Sept 2)
  • Saving Grace – (TNT) Set in Oklahoma City, Holly Hunter plays this total wreck of a person, Grace, who seems to mismanage her relationships, family, and of course police career all while being visited by an angel Earl who is apparently trying to save her, which of course she’ll have none of, but she does have her forensic friend analyzing some of the objects she gathers. (Season finale week of Sept 16)
  • Rock of Love With Bret Michaels – (VH1) I have so much disdain for those dating shows like the Bachelor, but watching the lead singer of Poison try to pick a gal is like an accident you just can’t look away from. The women basically seem crazy and slutty as they try to win dates with Brett in ridiculous challenges and of course live in a house together and get all catty. It’s like a really well done satire of one of these shows. (Week of 9/9 we’re down to four, not sure if there’s more…)
  • Scott Baio is 45 — and Single – (VH1) Ok this show wasn’t even any good but somehow I watched it all. Scott Baio works with a lifecoach and hangs with friends as he confronts his history of womanizing to see if he can, or wants to, settle down with current girlfriend, and of course former playmate. There’s a little voyeuristic fun but the format and Scott VO make it a little too packaged. (Finale aired but still rerunning)

And for the record I tried but couldn’t keep up with:

  • John From Cincinnati – (HBO) I really tried to give this show a shot, I like surfing and the cast and creators were reputable, but the oddly stilted characters and supernatural happenings never quite clicked. So season one finished up and didn’t get renewed.
  • Burn Notice – (USA) Ok so I only watched one of these but though it had the ingredients for being a fun spy action show it didn’t quite work and I almost didn’t finish the first episode. I’ve read some good reviews so maybe it hit its stride later.
  • Damages – (FX) I made it through two of these… Glenn Close and Ted Danson are both almost interestingly despicable as we watch a new associate get dragged into more than she bargained for personally and professionally at her new law firm, but I just couldn’t quite stomach the over the top plotting.
  • Greek – (ABC Family) Sometimes a relatively tame and pretty mindless stereotypical show about kids in college, in the greek system, is all that you’re looking for, but maybe ABC Family isn’t my channel.

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  1. i, too, am cable-less, but i DID see snippets of the scott baio thing on ET. He was talking to Joanie, who has packed on a few lbs and no looks like a soccer mom from Detroit. After much prompting by Chachi as to why he was so unsuccessful with women, Joanie laid it out for him: you’re an ass. ouch.

  2. also…one further note on the concords…i haven’t seen the show, but everyone ELSE i know loves it. and apparently the guys really ARE the guys in the show! meaning that they are a comedic parody band that came to NYC. check out their imitation of a Barry White type love song:

  3. yes joanie was apparently chachi’s ‘first’ and he did realize that he “was always looking for the next best thing” and through the show he was trying to heal his ways…

  4. as for conchords they definitely are those guys in that band but i’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that they play character versions of themselves… and thanks for the pointer, there are a ton of their songs on you tube, most of which are shown in episodes of the show with a much higher production quality as well as plot tie in. pretty funny either way.

  5. Rock of Love 2!
    Well for those of you who saw Brett pick Jess and knew that this was true love, and then saw her reconsider and thought he was going to end up with Heather… casting calls are out for Rock of Love 2 (aka Rock of making out and having a lot of sex and really digging the gals 2) and it will be none other than Brett giving it another go:

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