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Well there are some things that I have to go on the record about if I’m going to share anything I have to say about television. I only have basic cable. There I said it. And I don’t mean everything but HBO, I mean the shows you should get with an antenna but don’t, with a few extras thrown in for good measure. TVland, Food Network, Verses, WGN, and Discovery Channel are the major hightlights. I can’t bring myself to throw down for a greater cable expense and the only reason I buckled on this much was because I could no longer get good reception on NBC. Oh and I thought it would be easier with Tivo.

I heart my Tivo! But I have the old one where you can only record one show at a time. I am tempted to pony up for a new box but I have a lifetime membership which isn’t transferable from my current box. And well clearly I’m cheap. My friend keeps trying to get me to get rid of my vcr but I need it as backup. Little does he know that I have a second vcr that’s not even hooked up to the cable in case of emergencies like the start of the fall season before you settle into shows or shows settle into their final timeslots.

So what’s my tv history? I like a mix of dramas, dramedies and sitcoms. To give you some examples from days of yore, Buffy the Vampire Slayer holds a high bar for strong and sassy leads, but I also hold a dear spot in my heart for Alias, Veronica Mars, and Gillmore Girls (particularly the early years). Of course Buffy lead me into anything by Joss Whedon, and I dug Angel and Firefly (while they let me). I’ve done the whole must see Thursday night TV with Friends and Seinfeld, and always had hopes to be amused by anything else they threw in the lineup. I like the faux smart television of West Wing (also the early years). And I can’t help but love a little cheesy soap, think 90210 and the OC, though they always outlive their best times.

I’m not a huge watcher of reality shows. I got hooked on the early years of Survivor, American Idol, and America’s Next Top Model among others. But I find that they are easier to drop from season to season since there’s no ongoing story or characters to follow, and some of them just became to repititive after awhile. While I accept there are some good ones out there, and that even the bad can often be entertaining, I decided that was where I would draw the line. Did I mention I still can’t stop watching America’s Next Top Model? Well there I said that too.

I like a general crime procedural show but I tend to pick those up during summer reruns. I stay away from gameshows, traditional sports, and generally stay away from daytime tv. Though I’m guilty of the occasional glimpse at The View or Ellen or Oprah on a sick day.

Yes though I’ve really only touched on shows of yesteryear, stay tuned for what I’m most looking forward to returning in this fall season.

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  1. I’m shocked that you can’t admit that you have a hidden vcr (betamax or vhs?) to your friend. He must be a real asshole. Also, I’ll give you Ellen and or Oprah, but seriously – The View?

  2. you will make a tv junkie of me yet! i can’t wait to see your next post. where can i subscribe to the RSS feed?

  3. if picking a new show, aside from a few good cable selections there is mostly a dirth of options as we await the fall premieres. the schedules have been announced (though they will no doubt shift around again) and things will start shaking out in September. and for the record: vhs.

  4. you can click on the handy ‘subscribe in a reader’ link at the top of the left column and feedburner will walk you through it… and of course you can subscribe via email to have these posts delivered right to your inbox.

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