next week 10/7

So the big launches are tapering off, good thing I have a lot of back logged tivo…


  • Life is Wild (CW, Sun 10/7, 8pm) – City family moves to safari style living, I’ve heard this referred to as the next 7th Heaven in a way that as a non 7th Heaven watcher makes me want to avoid it, but I’ve also heard there are lots of lion cubs in the first episode so I will tune in.


  • 20/20 (ABC, Fri 10/12, 8pm) – Um, it’s a news features show right?
  • Women’s Murder Club (ABC, Fri 10/12, 9pm) – Angie Harmon is one of four professional gal pals, detective, medical examiner, da, and reporter, who solve cases and have drinks.
  • Men in Trees (ABC, Fri 10/12, 10pm) – I heard that this show got better last season, Ann Heche as love expert/city gal goes to Alaska after her love life crumbles, but I really didn’t like the Ann Heche character, or maybe I just didn’t like Ann Heche
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i hate veronica mars

Ok, so we all know that’s not true, but I’ve decided the VO (by VM’s own Kristin Bell) is maybe the most annoying part of the new show I love to hate, or the show I hate love, Gossip Girl. I am of course annoyed that the kids in private school all dress better than I ever could, and that’s all accessory based since they are all wearing uniforms, though I always did have a soft spot for a short plaid skirt.

So we’re mostly following the return of previous social queen bee Serena aka S (Blake Lively of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants). She fled unexpectedly to go to boarding school and goodness we all still want to know why. We all know that she slept with her best friend Blair’s boyfriend Nate, who is clearly more into her than he is into Blair. And Blair aka B, now knows that, except she doesn’t know that Nate’s dad is basically forcing him to keep them together for the better of his business deals.

We know that Serena’s younger brother Eric tried to kill himself and is being hidden away by mom Darla in some treatment facility (supposedly he’s in Florida). He has recently gotten cozy with new gal Jenny, who is dying to become a part of the it crowd, and is touched by Serena’s true kindness but wooed by Blair’s offers. She has already accepted a dress in exchange for a future favor. And we all know that will be a doozy.

Jenny came into the light by getting almost date raped by Chuck. Chuck is the boy we’re all supposed to love to hate. But since it’s early in the season we only hate him. It will take a while for them to introduce some scenes where we learn how truly tortured he is and start to secretly like him. Chuck of course hates Dan (Penn Badgley of short lived series The Bedford Diaries and The Mountain), Jenny’s brother, the boy we’re supposed to root for, and we do. He doesn’t have money and he has some character and he looks out for his younger sister decking Chuck.

And of course Serena’s mother and Dan’s dad Rufus, a member of one of the ‘Top 10 Forgotten Bands of the 90s’, have a history. Though Dan and Serena are getting close we should assume that they’re not related since I don’t think these shows push it to incest. So mostly we follow how B and S are at odds, or are they the only people who understand each other. And seriously if one more person questions the appropriateness of a cheesy ass show setting an example for kids today… I can’t say it’s good, but I can’t turn away. Stay tuned.

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heroes chapter one

As we tune in ‘four months later’, I was trying to remember where we left off and I wondered how anyone who hadn’t been watching all last season had any clue at all. So I thought it might make sense for us all to take a moment to do a little catch up. Ok here’s what you need to know, if I remember correctly…

Last season we started out with a few folks who discovered that they had special abilities (we’re using the term hero sparingly as they all come to terms) and as they dealt with their own new issues they learned that this wasn’t a new thing in the world. Not only were some of their own families specially-abled, or at least involved, but there was at least one whole secret organization intended to study or utilize or stop folks just like them. Oh and then there was Sylar, the serial killing power stealer.

So where are we now? Mohinder, the so far just human scientist, following in his fathers footsteps, is lecturing on the disease that’s plaguing folks with special abilities. We’ve learned his sister, in her youth was one of its victims. Mohinder is sharing custody of a plagued young girl Molly, whose ability is to locate anyone, with the mind reading Matt (Greg Grunberg of Alias and Felicity fame). Matt’s a cop who has been trying to advance his police career while saving his failing marriage, right now looks like he’s only succeeding on the cop front.

It turns out Mohinder is also working with Noah Bennet/HRG (horn rimmed glasses) who used to work for the secret organization. They lost him when he had to choose to protect his adopted daughter, Claire, the indestructible cheerleader who was given to him by the organization to raise. They are trying to do a little witness projection thing in a new town, though it looks like Claire’s new, unknown to her, flying friend may find out who she is.

Claire is still in contact with her real father who she found last season, flying man Nathan Petrelli. Nathan was being set up to win a senate race on the road to the presidency. Too bad he backed out of letting the whole of New York get blown up to do it. Nathan’s brother Peter (Jess of Gillmore Girls) can absorb others powers and had a little exploding issue and Nathan flew him up into the air to save the city. We now find that Peter is missing and presumed dead, though later found in a storage crate with at least a touch of amnesia and fortunately a new haircut. Nathan is now a scruffy alcoholic who is at odds with his mother, differently-abled of the previous generation, who is now apparently being targeted for death.

As is her former compatriot Mr. Nakamura (Sulu from Star Trek), who received a death threat as well, and at the end of the episode looks like the threat may have been succesful, as someone tumbled him off a roof. Sulu has been hanging out in New York waiting for his son Hiro (with Hiro’s partner in all things hero, Ando), Hiro, in being able to manipulate space and time, got tossed real hard in the battle with Sylar and ended up back in age old Japan. He meets the famed warrior (Alias’ Sark), who turned out not to be as heroic as the lore tells him to be, and Hiro inadvertently screws with the past.

We also meet a couple of new kids, Maya and Alejandro Ortiz, who are wanted for murder and fleeing from the Dominican Republic to the US for answers. We learned not to mess with them, ‘cuz however she, or they, do it, a whole bunch of guys ended up dead.

And what about Nikki, who uses her dead twin sister’s alter ego Jessica to tap into her super strength, and her family? Her husband DL, who can move through solid objects, was in bad shape after they were trying to save their son Micah, who can tap into and manipulate electronics. For that, as well as what happened to Sylar, who was last seen slipping down a manhole cover, I guess we’ll just have to check out chapter two.

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next week 9/30

Well it’s tough to keep up but my schedule is finally starting to settle into place, one more wave of shows (and then perhaps a smattering) to consider…


  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC, Sun 9/30, 7pm) – I’ve never watched a full episode of this, but spastic/cute Ty Pennington leads a crew to totally build/rebuild the house of someone with an undoubtedly touching story.
  • Desperate Housewives (ABC, Sun 9/30, 9pm) – I watched, and enjoyed, this show for the first season but the freshness of the amusing nighttime soapy ladies on Wisteria Lane wore off for me.
  • American Dad (Fox, Sun 9/30, 9:30pm) – One of the animated shows that I never got into.
  • Brothers & Sisters (ABC, Sun 9/30, 10pm) – So the Walkers are a mess and I think new additions from last season illegitimate daughter/homewrecker and presidential candidate/fiancé are sticking around to stir the pot.


  • Everybody Hates Chris (CW, Mon 10/1, 8pm) – A fictionalized and theoretically more amusing look at Chris Rock’s childhood wasn’t ever quite funny enough to me to keep tuning in.
  • Aliens in America (CW, Mon 10/1, 8:30pm) Pilot – A kid not fitting into high school could be funny but maybe adding a Pakistani muslim kid can make it funnier.
  • Girlfriends (CW, Mon 10/1, 9pm) – I actually kind of like this gal pal, plus a guy pal, show with their various messed up relationships and jobs and you know, lives.
  • The Game (CW, Mon 10/1, 9:30pm) – So the girlfriend of a football star hangs out with the wives of football stars, and I’m not sure what else ‘cuz it didn’t quite grab me.


  • Cavemen (ABC, Tues 10/2, 8pm) Pilot – Ok, whatever.
  • Carpoolers (ABC, Tues 10/2, 8pm) Pilot – Jerry O’Connell, and three other guys, talk about their varied lives on their way into their varied jobs.


  • Pushing Daisies (ABC, Wed 10/3, 8pm) Pilot – This whimsical, comedic, fantastical, romantic murder mystery, where a guy brings the dead back to life to help solve their murders is supposed to be a gem.


  • 30 Rock (NBC, Thurs 10/4, 8:30pm) – Tina Fey and her crazies in her show behind the show started to get a good groove last season.
  • Supernatural (CW, Thurs 10/4, 9pm) – Hunky yet one dimensional brothers hunt the supernatural, and the couple times I watched argued a lot.


  • Friday Night Lights (NBC, Fri 10/5, 9pm) – This show is reportedly great, but even with great writing and characters and whatnot they are still so focused on football that I couldn’t quite deal.
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the bitches are back

Tonight on ANTM the ladies move into the house. Of course it’s a new crew of them but it’s never much of a difference. This week Ebony turned the bitchy torch over to Bianca, lost all her spark, and almost became the first week’s cut. The first week there’s not a lot to judge the girls on so if that first photo isn’t good you’d better be bringing it in person.

Mila, our first victim, was super annoying as she thought everything was great and positive and funny, including her ‘serious side effects of cigarette smoking’ photo shoot. So when the shots were awkward she got the ax. The smoking thing is part of Tyra’s bid to change the world, she’s not only trying to get the show to go green, but she’s forcing all the gals to quit smoking so as not to be bad role models.

The only thing worse than a tired bitchy wannabe model is a tired bitchy wannabe model who has suddenly been cut off from her cigarettes. Let’s hope she drops of some nicotine gum. (I of course endorse both going green and quitting smoking but there is just something annoying about the way Tyra does it) And of course there was the weekly challenge where they were advised on and told to pick modely clothes, every year they’re told to keep it simple and they really just never learn.

We’ve yet to get a real sense for all the girls, and there aren’t any real standouts for me, but in addition to the bitchy gals we’re getting a dose of bookishly awkward Yaley Victoria and the medically awkward Asberger syndrome sufferer Heather. And of course the gal that Biana picked on this week Lisa the former ‘bikini dancer,’ who is actually not bad. Sadly I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

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judging a pilot

Now one of the things I love about television is that I can be as judgmental as I want, but often when my critical eye comes out I need to remind myself of all that a pilot is trying to do, introduce all the characters, the one or multiple situations, plus tell a story. Sometimes you find a true gem and sometimes you find the opposite (I stand behind my decision to not watch another episode of K-Ville) but sometimes it takes at least a second episode to get the feel for where a show is going. Plus who knows how long before the regular season the pilot was shot, could be some time to step back and make some adjustments. So as I watch the first episodes of Gossip Girl and Back to You and wonder if they’re really worth adding to the lineup, I try to remember whether The OC had struck its self deprecating humorous stride on day one, and remind myself that Friends didn’t delight me with its hilarity when Rachel first walked into the coffee shop. I guess each of those shows had a decent set up with some characters that could be interesting and good enough writing that I was willing to see more. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut, plus you just have to know your own tastes. So Gossip Girl may be stupid, but it’s my kind of stupid, so I’m going to give it another shot. Plus television doesn’t always have to be amazing, though thankfully sometimes it is, but sometimes all I want is to tune out and tune in and it’s nice to know there are some shows good for that too.

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who wins at the emmys?

So here’s a link to last night’s Emmy award winners:

I’m not really going to go into the winners or the nominees because honestly I don’t care. Maybe there is just too much tv. I know not the worst thing in the world, right? In a system designed for the big three networks, we’re now up to five (nbc, abc, cbs, fox, cw – formerly upn and wb) and the ever growing population of great cable tv programming, can the Emmy’s really do it justice? They would never influence what I watch and I’m not even excited or disappointed with actor’s nominations and wins. I can’t even keep up with it all, so with television what does the academy do, tune into one submitted episode? It just isn’t how the medium should be evaluated. So what do I suggest? Honestly I say bag the whole thing, but I know that won’t happen so now on to the show.

Ryan Seacrest was the host this year and didn’t do an abysmal job. All in all he’s cheesy and that works for him on his other stuff but it just doesn’t seem appropriate for this. I admit that I fast forwarded through most of the features (Family Guy musical number?, Roots, ‘In Memoriam’) and anything Sopranos related (since I’m only on season 4 on dvd and they keep talking about the stupid ending). And I’ll try not to nitpick too much, but how stupid was the seating in the round? Oh and I almost forgot the preshow kept mentioning how Britney was going to apologize for sucking. Really? Thank gawd that didn’t happen.

As for the fashion, as always there was some good and some bad, but unfortunately nothing great or ridiculous, that I got a gander of at least. The stupid preshow did a terrible job of showing clothes and when they did, they did a close pan up from shoes to the top of someone’s dress, but they never gave you a whole body shot, so unless someone presented or accepted it was tough to tell. That doesn’t mean I can’t judge, overall I thought the ladies that shone were: Mini Driver, Debra Messing, Rebecca Gayheart, Portia de Rossi and Eva Longoria.

You can check out for more coverage.

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next week 9/16

Ok now we’re cooking with gas (I’ve never used that expression before in my life)…


  • Deal or No Deal (NBC, Mon 9/17, 8pm) This is the one with Howie Mandell and the chicks with briefcases, I’ve never cared enough to figure out how it really works.
  • Prison Break (Fox, Mon 9/17, 8pm) Ok I loved, loved, loved this show the first season and I could write an entire post on how bad it was in season 2. I watched the first 17 minutes, or whatever they showed online, and am not, I repeat, not going to watch another season.
  • K-Ville (Fox, Mon 9/17, 9pm) Pilot – I guess it’s just wait and see about whether this is more than an average cop show set in a less than average recovering from Katrina New Orleans setting.


  • Beauty and the Geek (CW, Tues 9/18, 8pm) I have watched an episode or two of this show and was mildly amused by the fish out of water challenges that make people look dumb.


  • America’s Next Top Model aka ANTM (CW, Wed 9/19, 8pm) There is a true addictive quality to this and although I can’t for the life of me remember who wins from year to year I dig the journey. The first episode isn’t the best because there are just too many girls to get a real sense of who’s who, so stay tuned.
  • Back to You (Fox, Wed 9/19, 8pm) Pilot – This has decent buzz, and I like a decent sitcom, but it is opposite ANTM and Pushing Daisies so it might just get a week or two to woo me.
  • Kid Nation (CBS, Wed 9/19, 8pm) Pilot – So if kids ran their own town would it break child labor laws? That seems to be the question put to courts. Is the show interesting enough to merit the pain CBS is going through? Time will tell.
  • ‘Til Death (CBS, Wed 9/19, 8:30pm) This show about two couples, one newlyweds and the other not, with Brad Garrett, wasn’t quite funny to me, paired with Back to You it could get a fresh wind.
  • Gossip Girl (CW, Wed 9/19, 9pm) Pilot – I have mentioned that I’m looking forward to this show so hopefully it’ll have enough trash as we meet our previous queen bee, who spent a mysterious year at boarding school, when she returns to of course find her old best friend has taken her place.
  • Kitchen Nightmares (Fox, Wed 9/19, 9pm) Pilot – It looks like mean guy who had reality show where he tormented wannabe chefs might now just torture full restaurants, not interested.
  • Plus they are doing a recap show for Grey’s Anatomy that focuses on Addison before she moves on to Private Practice (ABC, Wed 9/19, 9pm)


  • Survivor: China (CBS, Thurs 9/20, 8pm) I watched this show for the first few seasons and am actually kind of a fan. They have a really good formula of alliance building and challenge winning to keep the outcome up in the air, and since the decision is really up to the other contestants there’s no weird judge or America votes thing.

procrastinator’s picks are underlined.

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new fall tv

It’s time. Let’s see what folks are saying about new fall television. Of the critics picks these are the names that seem to come up.

  • Aliens in America (ew) – CW, Mon 10/1, 8:30pm
  • Back to You (ew, ms, tv) – Fox, Wed 9/19, 8pm
  • Bionic Woman (ew, a, tv) – NBC, Wed 9/26, 9pm
  • Cane (ms, tv) – CBS, Tues 9/25, 10pm
  • Chuck (a, tv) – NBC, Mon 9/24, 8pm
  • Dirty Sexy Money (a, ew, ms, tv) – ABC, Wed 9/26, 10pm
  • Gossip Girl (a, tv) – CW, Wed 9/19, 9pm
  • Journeyman (ms) – NBC, Mon 9/24, 10pm
  • K-Ville (tv) – Fox, Mon 9/17, 0pm
  • Private Practice (tv) – ABC, Wed 9/26, 9pm
  • Pushing Daisies (a, ms, t, tv) – ABC, Wed 10/13, 8pm
  • Reaper (ew, ms, tv) – CW, Tues 9/25, 9pm
  • Samantha Who? (ms) – ABC, Mon 10/15, 9:30pm

(a) AOL – Fall Best New Shows, (ew) Entertainment Weekly Pick, (ms) Newsweek/MSNBC – Fall Preview, (t) Time – What to Watch for Fall Arts Preview, (tv) TV Guide – Shows With Buzz (buzz doesn’t necessarily equal best)

Touted as perhaps the worst shows – Viva Laughlin: preposterous murder mystery with folks singing over pop songs at key plot points. Big Shots: four good actors but this ‘sex and the city for men’ show is reportedly painfully bad. Cavemen: updating the bad ad concept of cavemen in society being discriminated against, really?

So I can’t predict what my new favorites will be (I do try to watch all new comedies and dramas) but here’s what I’m most looking forward to:

  1. Bionic Woman – For nostalgia sake alone I’m looking forward to this. The show is getting a serious update by the creators of Battlestar Gallactica (I haven’t seen but hear nothing but great things). Though not sticking strictly the old plot Jamie Sommers is getting bionic and of course being asked to put her new abilities to use, expect more conflict with the government agency that rebuilt her and more personal struggle.
  2. Pushing Daisies – I’ve actually heard the most positive buzz about this show. What if you could touch someone to bring them back to life but with your next touch they’d die again? Well of course you’d help a PI solve murders. And of course you’d bring a woman you love back to life and never be able to touch her again. It’s got a good cast and supposedly a great look. It’s being touted as things like whimsical and delightful so it probably won’t be for everyone but it’s definitely worth a watch.
  3. Dirty, Sexy, Money – Ok so this title is almost so over the top it’s good but it wasn’t until I started hearing positive things about this satire that I started to believe that they might be doing it right. The return of Peter Krause (of HBO’s 6 Feet Under – though I’m only on about season 4 of on dvd) as a reluctant attorney to a powerful and of course scandalous family headed by Donald Sutherland.
  4. Gossip Girl – So not only is it done by Josh Schwartz (the creator of the OC that at least started with an excellent dose of wit and sudsy drama) but the VO of blogger/narrator is being done by our beloved Veronica Mars’ Kristin Bell. It’s based on a series of books set in uber elite New York private school so hopefully they’ll have enough fodder to keep it lively for at least a couple of seasons.
  5. Chuck and Reaper – Ok these both just feel similar to me. Likable guy gets thrown into unusual situation. Chuck (also by Schwartz) has been described as The Office meets Alias. Can’t beat that, right? A computer nerd (Less Than Perfect’s Zachary Levi) gets all of America’s intelligence downloaded to his brain. And in Reaper the guy (Brett Harrison of Grounded for Life and The Loop) has to be bounty hunter for Satan since his parents sold his soul to the devil, with the first episode being directed by Kevin Smith. Both are being touted as smart and funny so hopefully at least one of them’s a keeper.

Of the others…

Sitcoms – With sitcoms I’ve learned to adopt a wait and see stance but Back to You and Samantha Who clearly have potential with the casting of Frasier and Mrs. Ray Romano as newscasters and the adorable Kellie Bundy as amnesiac. And I guess Aliens in America could be amusing bringing a Pakistani foreign exchange student to small town America to focus on high-school misfits.

Dramas – Cane has good casting including Jimmy Smits and Hector Elizondo in this Cuban-American family/business drama but I’ve seen about a million previews and am not all that excited. Journeyman shows a man going back in time to change something and again just no real pull yet. K-Ville is a cop show set in New Orleans but I haven’t really heard anything else about it. And Private Practice’s Grey’s spin-off backdoor pilot wasn’t astounding, but we’ll see what they do with it.

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