random bits of pinterest…

I am continuing to enjoy the use of pinterest for the random bits of web goodness that I come across as I browse. And of course, checking in on other people’s pins just adds another layer of fun. Here are a few tidbits I’ve recently come across:

Summer makes me appreciate all things green.

I don’t necessarily endorse ruining a book, but book art is intriguing.

Regular irregular art is also intriguing.

Reminders that I should kick my nail care up a notch.

And of course feel free to check out all my boards at pinterest.

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random bits of pinterest…

For those of you who have gotten a taste for the semi regular postings of Random Bits of Web Goodness… I want to take you on the next step of my journey in sharing delights.

It started with misc emails that I’d send to people of random items that I found online. And then in an effort to stop spamming folks I began gathering them into a semi regular email. And then, well, I thought if this isn’t a procrastination what is, let’s post them. But it’s actually just a slight bit more of a pain than it’s worth.

Lucky me that I found a new service that lets you save and categorize items with a quick bookmark. And they’re all available for viewing pleasure. You can bookmark, categorize, search, repin… it’s all very easy and pretty darned engaging.

Apparently there are more images on books and nails that I enjoy than I thought but mostly it’s stuff I would share as Web Goodness… Take a look at my categories, feel free to click on any of the category titles to view more or just visit me on pinterest.





places and spaces







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random bits of web goodness…

Well another month has gone by and another item or two have caught my eye…

I might know someone who has an affinity for art cars and this one is lovely.

Girl’s gotta love old advertising (via Boing Boing).


Recycling is a great way to handle old toys (via Oh Joy!) and magnets and hooks available on Poketo.

All things irregular are always appealing, that they’re made of paper is just a perk, more animal anomaly’s at Paxton Gate (via Boing Boing)

More random, but amazing, art (more at the link via Craft).

I’d be tempted to add this grassy looking chair to my new found liking of grassy looking rugs (via Apartment Therapy)

What to do with your doggie with all this rain (via The Daily What).

I dig this folder holder but alas wouldn’t the cool part be covered up if you filled it? (via Jeri’s Organizing)

I still haven’t learned beyond folding napkins but does this count as Origami? (via Craft)

Swing set for the daring (via Laughing Squid).

Tiny doors could open a door to anyone or anywhere (more doors at link via Laughing Squid) even found on irregular mushrooms (via Poppytalk).

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random bits of web goodness…

More random everywhere I seem to turn, some web tidbits that got an extra glance:

sfgirlbybay is bringing us another curated collection and though I’m not a big rainbow fan I can’t resist many of these items, more at link

I may have noted these before but there is something so lovely about these (noted by Apartment Therapy), perhaps I do like rainbow type things.

I also may have noted these pencil tip art items pointed out by sfgirlbybay there’re more here (gallery at right).

Or you can use little things to build toothpick city, for more check out the video (via Craft)

Or use screws (via The Daily What)

These so remind me of a certain someone and a certain baby topiary (via Apartment Therapy)

Or if you have leftover doll middles perhaps you could do something like this (via etsy).

It’s almost like sitting outside, more items about the Stockholm Design Fair (via Design Sponge)

Though if you are outside Boing Boing points out this rad fountain.

I have got to make it to the trash to treasure garden railway in the Conservatory of Flowers (via Craft)

And if I run out of room for art I guess I can let Ji Lee create something on my ceiling.

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random bits of web goodness…

And there’s always more little delightful bits to see on the world wide web…

Is my apartment missing a big flower giving yeti? Full house tour via Apartment Therapy.

The jealous curator from SF Bay Girl posts her last room including this lovely pic, who doesn’t love a weird bunny head?

Craft shared these amazing Lori Nix dioramas (more at link).

I always wonder who would want to hang at a bench in traffic, but this from The Daily What might make me reconsider.

I love this artist’s felt creatures and can’t resist the latest.

This site My Love for You about artists was pointed out by Poppytalk and so far I am enjoying some of their featured artists shown here (graffiti, found miniature, glass world).

Boing Boing thankfully passed along this image and link to Creepy Children’s Playground.

This is no Kris Angel, all in the name of fashion, more 1963 shots at link (via Black Eiffel)

I haven’t been looking for new stationary but this Zombie version is tempting.

And for my next dinner party perhaps I’ll go Dexter theme (via Craft).

And to continue with the macabre, there’s something perfect about a Barbie smile, from The Daily What.

Animal inspired furniture, I’m in! More at link: (via Apartment Therapy)

I’m still a sucker for animal heads, someday the game room/library will happen (via Design Sponge)

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random bits of web goodness…

Somehow I’ve found time to browse a little even during the holidays…

I don’t like a bird, but a boy on a bird looking about to kill it with a knife is somehow appealing, more odd plates at Forgot Shop (via poppytalk).

I can’t decide if I think the custom fingerprint jewelry is creepy or cool (via Craft).

Digging the Boing Boing shared crooked house.

All in the name of science (via Boing Boing).

My affinity for skateboarding (watching not riding) and irregular sized objects drew me to this tiny skate park on a skate board (via The Daily What).

I never realized what an outdoor rug affinity I had but this is the third (first, second) that I’ve pointed out. (via Apartment Therapy)

Terrariums are alright but tiny snippets of life are entirely intriguing (via sfgirlbybay).

The House that Jealousy Built on sfgirlbybay almost always has at least one thing I can’t resist sharing, this time my favorite is this panda chair (not in the name of science).

These underwater sculptures are sort of haunting (via Boing Boing).

Sure is the prettiest woodpile (via Boing Boing).

Anything that Mr Koolaid is a part of even if it is about the Battle of Yorktown is worth a look (via Boing Boing).

I may need to plan my next trip to China for this ice event, more shots at link (Boing Boing has been good to us this month).

I don’t know anything about the case that this interesting art is creating awareness on but I am now aware.

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random bits of web goodness…

Here are a few more delightful items that I’ve come across during my days, and nights, of procrastinating.

I would like to be a pet person, but my apartment and my lifestyle do not allow it, so now and again I dabble with goldfish and what better way than in a special bowl. More options available on Apartment Therapy.

Somehow I can’t make my eyes see what this SF shot merely taken an angle really is.

Why aren’t all buildings shaped like what they sell? More to be found at mental_floss

I am enamored with polish though my professional skills would be challenged with these styles I’m going to give it a go thanks to the beautiful example of YSL polish from 80s Purple.

I don’t know if this bench would go with my panda footstool but it would go perfect somewhere, pointed out by laughing squid.

I don’t really understand how this works but who could not be obsessed with miniature mail shared by Design Sponge.

I’m not much of a bike rider myself but this horse bike or write bike might put me in the mood.

Animals are fun but animals in irregular situations are even more fun thanks to Wildlife Prints (via sfbaygirl) and Anthropology (via Apartment Therapy) more fun prints and pics at links.

Clever but cruel via Boing Boing.

Something appealing about a rug that looks so grassy, the trees on the wall don’t hurt the effect, Apartment Therapy gives a tour of this loft.

Street signs with a little something extra from Boing Boing.

Why shouldn’t hangers be art, though they won’t hold clothes as well in this form (via Apartment Therapy).

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random bits of web goodness…

I may have mentioned that whilst procrastinating I do things other than watch television, or at least sometimes things whilst watching television. What better way to procrastinate than good old web surfing. I often come across random things that delight me in one way or another and following is the first in what may become somewhat irregular posts of things that I thought others might delight in as well.

Oh Joy! brings a host of vases of heads (more at link).

If you don’t want a head shaped vase, craft points out what might be an interesting exhibit but at least shows a weird moss person.

I have an acknowledged fondness for childlike things and think this Land Carpet shared by Craft might be super in my not children’s room.

For those fans of art cars here’s a baskety one, more photos on process and car at Poppytalk link.

As a longtime fan of Pee Wee I can’t resist sharing, nor could The Daily What.

I know the green roof at the De Young is eco friendly, but Boing Boing had this whole other thing.

When you think of crochet you think of giant sculptures at least The Daily What might.

I have a fondness for tigers (among other critters), so I delighted in sfgirlbybay‘s photographers of tigers real and plastic, oh and other animals too.

I just met misery bear, and he’s adorable, though not called misery bear for nothing.

Boing Boing shared this slightly bizarre plushie mutant artwork (more art at link).

The Daily What points out some fashion that might have Dave Rittinger taking going green too far (check link for other leaf variations).

sfgirlbybay’s weekly post brings much delight, not sure which I like best, the book walker, the chair benches, or the book installations (check link for full gallery of images).

I’ve always been a fan of the hunting lodge head on wall (in a tribute to a beautiful animal sort of way and not a creepy hunt and put a dead head on the wall kind of way) and Apartment Therapy gives some wonderful moose and deer options (more of each at links).

I keep trying to become a person who can just randomly throw down origami, but am not disciplined enough to learn how to do anything except fan fold a napkin. This guy puts me (and really anyone) to shame, check out his story and slide show sadly noting his passing at NY Times (pointed out by Craft).

I really could be doing more interesting things with my spare time like making this flip flop monkey art installation piece (from Daily What).

I tend to not pass along the just plain cute, but apparently there is a new baby animal book from zooborns, I could look through their site for hours (from Boing Boing).

And please let thoughts be known about the host of random items or ideas for a more descriptive title in the comments.

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