to tablet or not to tablet?

When the iPads first came out I was one of the skeptics. I have a laptop and I have a phone. Do I really need yet another thing to own, carry, and buy? And buy again in another three years when I can’t stand how outdated it has become? And as time rolls on I keep rethinking my dismissal but I’m not entirely sure the reasons I don’t need one have changed.

As I find myself reading more and more on my phone and my laptop I start to wonder if reading on some sort of tablet might make more sense. I still believe in books and I still believe in magazines but… With a trip coming up I start to wonder if not traveling with books might make sense. And with my pile of magazines stacking up I start to wonder if faux flipping of digital pages might entertain me without the backlog guilt. And would I watch more tv online? What else can I be doing?

But if I’m doing it, what should I be doing it on? Because of the magazine and video factors I am leaning toward an iPad over a straight up book reader but is the compromise on size and book readability worth it? And is it worth the cost? Is there a right answer?

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domino down

Though someone questioned my discussing things like books on this tv focused blog I think I’ve mentioned that I have other procrastinations. With all the tv I watch it’s hard to believe, but I have been even known to multitask. Sometimes whilst watching television, or listening to some tunes, or god forbid sitting in silence, I love to flip through a magazine.

Flipping is one of the key criteria so I’ve given up otherwise meritorious efforts with the likes of the New Yorker, news mags, or even Vanity Fair. But there’s nothing like finding a fresh issue of a magazine on the newsstands for a treat or a pick me up. Unless of course it’s coming home to find one in your mailbox (and really we all know that’s the much more economical way to go).

So I was incredibly dismayed to find that one of my faves, Domino, is shutting down. It was a great décor magazine but it was more than that. As a small apartment dweller I can’t always relate to the estates displayed in others but Domino had a way of making the style, products, and tips relatable and even purchasable as well as adding a sort of lifestyle slant to things. But sadly ad sales just weren’t what they should be.

So now I’ll have to make do with my other subscriptions Real Simple, InStyle, Lucky, and of course Entertainment Weekly, and my hand me down Oprahs. Hmm, it seems like I do need another subscription, I guess I could give Marie Claire or Self another try…

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