new and noteworthy tv: 9/25-10/1

Fall is officially here, both seasonally and televisionally so get out your remotes. I’ll look back longingly on the nice week of comedies The Good Life, Better Things, Bojack Horseman, You’re the Worst, and getting ready for One Mississippi.¬†Below are the new series but take a perusal to your own lineup to make sure your season passes are all up to date because a ton of stuff starts this week.

  • Young Sheldon/Me Myself & I (CBS) Season/Series Premiere, Monday, 8:30/9:30pm – Following The Big Bang Theory this spinoff goes to a sweeter side of Sheldon, and later the three phases of one guy’s life may or may not strike the right amusement.
  • The Brave (NBC) Series Premiere, Monday, 10pm – One of several military procedurals, Special Ops responds, I think this one is a pass.
  • The Good Doctor (ABC) Series Premiere, Monday, 10pm – Showing the implications of the Autism spectrum on this doctor and probably a weird case of the week.
  • Difficult People (Hulu) Season Premiere, Tuesday – These difficult peeps are supposed to be amusing, though I am still Hulu free.
  • L&O True Crime: The Menendez Murders (NBC) Series Premiere, Tuesday, 10pm – If this is your bag it’s probably worth checking out the latest showing of a headline worthy crime.
  • Seal Team (CBS) Series Premiere, Wednesday, 9pm – Another military take, this one hasn’t gotten great buzz but I always give David Boreanaz a look.
  • Liar (Sund) Series Premiere, Wednesday, 10pm – A six part series where secrets and lies unravel in this ‘classed up’ melodrama.
  • Roshaven (Sund) Series Premiere, Wednesday, 11pm – Australian comedy series set in Tasmania supposedly a fresh small town comedy.
  • Startup (Crackle) Season Premiere, Thursday – This is one of those shows on a network I don’t know what it is but I’m not sure it’s supposed to be all that good.
  • Will & Grace (NBC) Season Premiere, Thursday, 9pm – This is both being billed as a new season and as season one of the new take but if you liked the gang in early episodes be sure to tune in.
  • Big Mouth (Net) Series Premiere, Friday – Animated comedy by and based on Nick Kroll’s teen years with many big voices.
  • Real Rob (Net) Season Premiere, Friday – It always surprises me when I really don’t remember a show at all but streaming shows seem to be slipping past my try to watch at least one episode as they get deferred, this one about Rob Schneider doesn’t look like it was that well reviewed.
  • Tin Star (Am) Series Premiere, Friday – This might be worth a look as Tim Roth plays a police chief moving his English family to a Canadian town, with secrets of course.
  • Marvels Inhumans (ABC) Series Premiere, Friday, 8pm – This is the one that’s supposed to be a dud, where a family of inhuman royalty I think is living on the moon until some infighting somehow sees them ending up in Hawaii and fighting in some way.
  • Ghosted (Fox) Series Premiere, Sunday, 8:30pm – Craig Robinson as washed up cop and Adam Scott as washed up astro-physicist pair up in something like a comedy X-Files.
  • Wisdom of the Crowd (CBS) Series Premiere, Sunday, 8:30pm – Another supposed to be dud where Jeremy Piven uses his tech skills to get everyone in the world to help solve crimes.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO) Series Premiere, Sunday, 10pm – Another of the lapsed series that might have fallen out of your queue, David is back after a six year break.
  • Ten Days in the Valley (ABC) Series Premiere, Sunday, 10pm – Krya Sedgewick returns though not sure if she’s the victim of crime, her daughter gets kidnapped, it’ll have the same spark.

The procrastinator lists items that may not be on your regular season pass, though notation does not imply recommendation. Times noted are typically PST.

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