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So the critics overall aren’t noting a lot of intrigue in the new season but you sometimes find a few that fill some empty slots in your schedule, or just backlog your dvr queue. Comedies overall I give a longer leash to find themselves but generally I like to give a show two episodes to win me over to at least want to see more, though a few don’t make it that far. Here’s what’s on the horizon.

  • 9JKL (CBS, 10/2) – Family living right next door in the same apartment building may be too close for comfort but though it includes Linda Lavin and Elliott Gould as Mark Feuerstein’s parents, early buzz makes me think it’s clunky.
  • Dynasty (CW, 10/11) – A return to soapy nighttime fun is the attempt, I’ll check this out but typically unless there’s something special going these don’t work and I haven’t heard anything special (if there is something special going on I might make it a season or two).
  • Ghosted (Fox, 10/1) – Who wouldn’t want to check out Craig Robinson and Adam Scott being amusing and investigating the paranormal?
  • The Gifted (Fox, 10/2) / Marvel’s Inhumans (ABC, 9/29) – The latest other-than-human intros, of the two The Gifted from the X-Men franchise focusing on teens/families dealing with nascent mutant abilities is supposed to be good and the other about inhuman royal family internal struggles that force them into the regular world is supposed to be a dud.
  • The Good Doctor (ABC, 9/25) – Another unlikely or unlikable Dr with pretty impressive skills, this one with Freddie Highmore, fresh off of Bates Motel, is supposed to be a little sweet as we see how his Asperger impacts his work.
  • Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (ABC, 10/3) – Jason Ritter in a sort of Joan of Arcadia type show, and he’s charming enough as an actor to hope this one finds a good stride.
  • L&O True Crime: The Menendez Murders (NBC, 9/26) – This is so completely capitalizing on American Crime but I trust them to take a turn at this, though I might have my fill of these retellings for a bit.
  • The Mayor (ABC, 10/3) – Hearing good buzz all around on this comedy showing hip hop artist as mayor, after running for a little self-promotion, but you know he’s got a heart of gold and a member of supporting staff to whip things into shape.
  • Me, Myself and I (CBS, 10/2) – Visiting a man at three different points in his life with actors picked less for resemblance, still curious for a look at Bobby Moynihan and John Larroquette.
  • The Orville (Fox, 9/10) – This slightly light but not comical Seth MacFarlane Star Trek-like show just didn’t hit any notes to make it worth tuning back into.
  • SWAT (CBS, 11/2) /  SEAL Team (CBS, 9/27) / The Brave (NBC, 9/25) / Valor (CW, 10/9) – I’m lumping these altogether because they strike me as sort of the same people saving people, SWAT is the Shemar one that I’ve heard has some potential and SEAL Team is the David Boreanaz one that might have less but at least has him, I think the other two are a pass.
  • Ten Days in the Valley (ABC, 10/1) – Kyra Sedgwick returns to tv in a show about a woman working in tv and her daughter goes missing, and apparently there are secrets, worth a look.
  • Wisdom of the Crowd (CBS, 10/1) – This strikes me a bit like last season’s APB from Fox where a single guy uses his weird vendetta technique to try to help the greater good, only this one is Jeremy Piven and crowd sourcing and getting terrible reviews.
  • Young Sheldon (CBS, 9/25) – I’m dubious about this BBT spinoff but I think it will end up being just a totally different tone so while I’ll try not to worry about continuity I’m not sure the sweeter Wonder Years take will hit the sweet spot for me.

And I’m just starting to scratch the surface on some of the additional cable and streaming offerings: American Vandal (Net, 9/15), The Deuce (HBO, 9/10), Future Man (hulu, 11/14), Hit the Road (ATTAud, 10/17), Hot Date (Pop, 11/8), The Last O.G. (TBS, 10/24), Liar (Sund, 9/27), Mindhunter (Net, 10/13), Riviera (SundNow, 9/14), Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television (YT Red, 10/25), SMILF (Show, 11/5), Star Trek: Discovery (CBSAA, 9/24), Tin Star (Am, 9/29), White Famous (Show, 10/15)

Premiere dates are subject to change so stay tuned for “next week”s and check your local listings.


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