returning fall favorites

The fall season doesn’t have quite the weight it once did but the shows are coming back. So here’s a look at some of the things that I’m looking forward to.

  • Better Things (FX, 9/14) – This Pamela Adlon series was the half hour show that I most looked forward to in what I sort of think of as the Louie vein of comedy.
  • The Big Bang Theory (CBS, 9/25) – I’m always happy to see what the gang is getting up to.
  • Bojack Horseman (Net, 9/8) – It’s odd but it’s good on so many layers.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox, 9/26) – Since the original they’ve really found a way to bring out great qualities in each character and pairings.
  • Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (BBCA, 10/14) – This was such an wacky series but I was won over by the conspiracies and time travel and the relationships that formed.
  • Elementary (CBS, 10/2) – Still invested in the pair of crime fighters if not always the crime and whatever the overarching drama is.
  • Fresh Off the Boat (ABC, 10/3) – The backdrop of immigrant family in the 90s adds a nice layer to the family hijinks.
  • Good Behavior (TNT, 10/15) – Intrigued to see what our con woman and hit man get up to this season.
  • The Good Place (NBC, 9/20) – This was a great intro last season and I’m excited to see where Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, and the gang take us this season.
  • Lethal Weapon (Fox, 9/26) – Light and fluffy this new duo of Riggs and Murtaugh have a good groove.
  • Madam Secretary (CBS, 10/8) – This is my hopeful political show where just enough magically gets resolved that I can ignore the real world for a bit.
  • The Middle (ABC, 10/3) – This show has done a surprisingly good job of keeping the family comedic beats as the kids age.
  • Mom (CBS, 11/2) – Allison Janney, Ana Faris, and their mostly recovering cohorts bring it in a great balance of real and unreal ways.
  • Mr Robot (USA, 10/11) – Also a little uneven but the wins on this show are strong enough for me to dive back in.
  • New Girl (Fox, 9/20) – One more season before the roomies and romances take their full stride into the tv afterlife.
  • Queen Sugar (OWN, 10/3) – This is my first Oprah drama and I like the way the location is as much of a character as the fragmented family of sugar farmers.
  • Speechless (ABC, 9/27) – I actually dropped this show last season but after hearing continued good things went back and picked it up and was rewarded enough to season pass it.
  • Stranger Things (Net, 10/27) – I wasn’t as enamored of this show as everyone else, maybe much due to my Winona disdain, but it’s definitely a fun bingeable what I’ll call summer show.
  • Superstore (NBC, 9/28) – The characters in this show have developed enough to make me keep tuning back into this work place comedy.
  • This is Us (NBC, 9/26) – This one is on everyone’s radar, and while I find it a bit uneven the drama on here fills my missing sort of Parenthood slot.
  • Transparent (Am, 9/22) – I’ve binged this since finally getting onboard with Prime and as reported it’s well worth a watch for the Pfefferman drama.
  • Will & Grace (NBC, 9/28) – I guess I’m calling this returning, and while I’m actually curious to see how it goes I remember the early series less dramatic moments fondly enough that I can’t imaging not sticking with it.
  • You’re the Worst (Fxx, 9/6) – I really enjoy the risks this show takes in regard to characters and storytelling and will keep tuning back in.

With a few others that I’ll check back in on: Gotham (Fox, 9/21), Life in Pieces (CBS, 11/2), Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (ABC, 9/20), Search Party (TBS, 11/19), Z Nation (Syfy, 9/29)

Note: Premiere dates subject to change always check your local listings.

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