new and noteworthy tv: 9/4-9/10

I wrapped up Ozark on Netflix which I really enjoyed, and glad to hear it’s coming back for another season. Still plugging away on The Wire and Deadwood and my gym going has lapsed a bit but still working on streaming comedies there with Catastrophe, Grace & Frankie, Bored to Death, Kimmy Schmidt, and just taking a peek at I Love Dick.

  • AHS: Cult (Fx) Season Premiere, Tuesday, 10pm – I’ve been off of these for a while but they’re bringing yet another slant.
  • You’re the Worst (Fxx) Season Premiere, Wednesday, 10pm – One of the comedies I most look forward to as these messes of people bring their weird slant.
  • Bojack Horseman (Net) Season Premiere, Friday – The whole family is officially hooked on this and their binges will be rewarded with new episodes, I actually need to remember where last season left off.
  • Greenhouse Academy (Net) Series Premiere, Friday – A sci fi teen drama adapted from an Israeli tv series set at a boarding school with evil plots to be thwarted.
  • One Mississippi (Am) Season Premiere, Friday – Was just talking to a friend about how this show seemed a bit under the radar but might my favorite of the recently binged comedies after I upped to Prime.
  • Con Man (Syfy) Series Premiere, Saturday, 10pm – Good buzz coming off of previous releases, Alan Tudyk stars as a former sci fi star hitting the convention circuit, note all eps air back to back.
  • The Orville (Fox) Series Premiere, Sunday, 9pm – Seth MacFarlane stars in this future space ship exploration dramedy, I’m picturing Galaxy Quest but think I’ll be disappointed.
  • Top of the Lake (Sund) Season Premiere, Sunday, 9pm – Looking forward to seeing Elizabeth Moss as this really interesting Jane Campion detective series finally returns (note for me this is showing up as “Top of the Lake: China Girl” not “Top of the Lake” so check your season pass).
  • The Deuce (HBO) Series Premiere, Sunday, 10pm – Getting great reviews this series follows the legalization and rise of the porn industry with some credentials like Maggie Gyyllenhaal to give it some cred.

The procrastinator lists items that may not be on your regular season pass, though notation does not imply recommendation. Times noted are typically PST.

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