spa de da: Willow Stream Spa

As I mentioned I recently got out of town, and while I don’t always indulge in a spa visit I do find it’s a nice city stop to add a little extra relaxation to the typical travel hustle. Popping into the lovely Fairmont Pacific Rim near the harbor was the perfect luxurious place to get away from it all.

  • Spa: Willow Stream Spa
  • Service: 60 min Deep Tissue/Purifying Detox Facial
  • Cost: $195/$195 CAD (more expensive f-su/holidays) – approx $156 USD ($2.60/min)
  • Amenities: The facilities are just lovely. Standard lockers, robes, slippers then take a pass through the rest of the women’s locker room to check out the amenities including a 360 shower. Then a visit to the most beautiful steam room I think I’ve ever seen with long spacious marble benches and a window overlooking the harbor. Then out to the coed areas including various indoor and outdoor lounges with fireplaces including cozy pods that you can nestle into and rotate looking out into the water giving a feeling a privacy and full tranquility. The staff swung by after a bit to offer some fresh fruit skewers. And two separate semi enclosed Jacuzzis for a cozier effect. Following the service you’re given the standard option of water or a shot of a fresh pressed juice blend. Of course various flavors of water available throughout along with the typical nuts and dried fruits. The hotel also has a full menu just a dial away including their sushi bar which I read was quite good.

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