new and noteworthy tv: 6/26-7/2

Diving back into The Wire and even though I have some backlog on Orphan Black, Queen Sugar, and Fargo, I decided to embark on some new options. Deadwood has been on the list for a while, but I think I was too tired to start, I’ll try that again at another point (to subtitle or not to subtitle?). And I launched into the much anticipated GLOW, and while I liked the first two episodes (it’s about a half hour) I’m not entirely positive I’m in sync with the vibe, maybe yet.

  • Tales (BET) Series Premiere, Tuesday, 8pm – An anthology series that uses current and class hip-hop songs to tell ‘cinematic’ stories.
  • Broadchurch (BBCA) Season Premiere, Wednesday, 10pm – Starting the final series of the trilogy with a new case.
  • Younger (TVL) Season Premiere, Wednesday, 10pm – How will Liza’s lies impact this year? I like this fun show.
  • Battle of the Network Stars (ABC) Series Premiere, Thursday, 9pm – I remember this show fondly but I think the deluge of ‘star’ shows might dull the fun in seeing them compete.
  • All or Nothing (Am) Season Premiere, Friday – A season with the Arizona Cardinals.
  • Gypsy (Net) Series Premiere, Friday – Naomi Watts as a screwed up therapist sounds promising but the early reviews are not.
  • Killjoys (Syfy) Season Premiere, Friday, 8pm – Another perfect summer series, space bounty hunters is just kind of fun.

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