spa de da: The I Spa

Well sometimes a deal comes along and you just need to take advantage of it. And the deals seem to come along frequently enough for The I Spa to make it a semi regular stop. With a few extras in the facility it makes it more of a spa day than just a massage but the less kept up, less spacious, and less extensive status of those extras makes it feel not quite A level. The discount makes up for that.

  • Spa: The I Spa (Soma)
  • Service: Swedish Massage
  • Cost: 80 min $205 ($2.56/min) – with $75 discount ($1.63/min)
  • Amenities: There’s access to the hotel’s pool and Jacuzzi, though with a needed escort around the corner and hotel guests it’s not as relaxing as it could be. Within the changing room, along with standard lockers, robes and slippers, is a steam room and showers. There’s a tiny waiting room with water though I can’t remember if there was anything other than some apples.

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