procrastinator’s picks – top tv of 2016

So I’m still lacking or behind in a couple of networks so all things Amazon, HBO, Showtime, Hulu (other random ‘networks’ I don’t get) will be absent…

  • Atlanta/Better Things/You’re the Worst (Fx) – So apparently Fx can dominate comedies as well as dramas, though each of these shows brings beyond the standard sitcom, Atlanta (with Donald Glover making his mark) has probably gotten the most buzz with more irregularities that might bring higher highs but also a few lows, while Better Things sweet and slightly odd (as befits Pamela Adlon and Louis C.K.) is the one I was most anxious to keep watching; and while this season didn’t quite match last season’s amazing arc YTW still stands out for some perfectly terrible character mess.
  • Sweet/Vicious (MTV) – Don’t let the network cause you to prematurely dismiss this, this college vigilante team has a great mix of drama and humor and ass kicking, though I’m constantly worried about our fair heroines.
  • Happy Valley (Net) – Of the various English crime shows I tuned into (Broadchurch, The Fall, River, etc.) this one stuck with me the most for having just a great new protagonist Sergeant Catherine Cawood who deals with personal and professional drama that makes this rural England setting anything but happy.
  • The Americans/Orphan Black (Fx/BBCA) – Still two of the more amazing things on tv with brilliant performances in very tense situations be it spy drama or clone drama it all gets much better than the genre by the very real characters.
  • BoJack Horseman (Net) – This show continues to drive our primary character deeper into depressive situations and he continues to fail in a way that for some reason bridges the not likable but still desperately want him to stop failing but also clearly not wanting that because I want the show to keep going, and yes this is an animated show about a world where people interact with animal people, just go with it, it allows for unique funny and things like the magical underwater episode.
  • The Good Place (NBC) – Networks can still occasionally compete and this new look at a surreal world of the afterlife which somehow seems to move just quickly enough to turn each of the things I was worried about (and it was renewed!).
  • The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story (Fx) – In what turned out to be a year of OJ this show (which will be followed by future American Crime Stories 2: Katrina and 3: Versace) may have particularly resonated because of the reminiscence to what was clearly a strong cultural event but also for the unreal reality of the situation brought to light by some impressive performances.

And for a look at what the critics looked at a few compilations by Metacritic and Uproxx (formerly HitFix).


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