new and noteworthy tv: 10/3-10/9

Fall is still coming, fortunately I’ve been able to knock a few things off my list including The Black List which I have finally given myself permission to drop. Though my Netflix queue shouldn’t feel pressing, the only thing I’m really targeting is Gilmore Girls rewatch by Thanksgiving, I’m also looking at Longmire, House of Cards, Mad Men and am champing at the bit to get started on Luke Cage.

  • Scorpion (CBS) Season Premiere, Monday, 9pm – The genius crew returns.
  • Timeless (NBC) Series Premiere, Monday, 10pm – A trio of folks chase ‘evildoer’ back through time, this might not be great but might be entertaining.
  • Conviction (ABC) Series Premiere, Monday, 10pm – Glad to see Peggy Carter get a new show but haven’t heard much good buzz about this legal drama.
  • The Mindy Project (Hulu) Season Premiere, Tuesday – I lost touch with this when it went Hulu.
  • Vice Presidential Debates (Various) Tuesday, 6pm – Elaine Quijano moderates.
  • The Flash/No Tomorrow (CW) Season/Series Premieres, Tuesday, 8/9pm – I don’t Flash but have heard hopeful news about the gal falls for apocalypse fearing guy.
  • Arrow/Frequency (CW) Season/Series Premieres, Wednesday, 8/9pm – I also don’t Arrow but will at least check out the detective talking to dead dad through a radio.
  • Presidential Debates (Various) Sunday, 6pm – Anderson Cooper and Martha Radatz moderate.
  • Divorce/Insecure (HBO) Series Premieres, Sunday, 10/10:30pm – Worth checking out a couple of new ones with the return of Sarah Jessica Parker and the somewhat introduction of Issa Rae.

The procrastinator lists items that may not be on your regular season pass, though notation does not imply recommendation. Times noted are typically PST.

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