new and noteworthy tv: 6/13-6/19

Things are picking up again with some summer series, something might be worth it.

  • Guilt (Free) Series Premiere, Monday, 9pm – A true crime-ish fictional look at an Amanda Knox-ish case done ABCFamily Freeform style.
  • Braindead (CBS) Series Premiere, Monday, 10pm – A political look with a goofy aliens are eating brains twist, who knows.
  • Spartan (NBC) Series Premiere, Monday, 10pm – I think this is group ninja warrior.
  • Animal Kingdom (TNT) Series Premiere, Tuesday, 9pm – I recall that the film this was based on was a pretty brutal look at crime family and think it’s transport to Southern California will keep at least some of that grit, with Ellen Barkin as matriarch, worth a look.
  • Uncle Buck (ABC) Series Premiere, Tuesday, 9pm – If you had been waiting for a series version of this 1989 movie here you go, with Mike Epps leading the way.
  • Famously Single (E) Series Premiere, Tuesday, 10pm – A bunch of ‘famous’ people move into a house for a look at their questionable romantic history.
  • To Tell the Truth (ABC) Series Premiere, Tuesday, 10pm – Anderson Cooper hosts the new incarnation of this guess who the real person is.
  • Wrecked (TBS) Series Premiere, Tuesday 10pm – It’s Lost done half hour comedy style, not optimistic but I’ll take a look.
  • Dual Survivor (Disc) Season Premiere, Wednesday, 9pm – Are they working together for survival?
  • Orange is the New Black (Net) Season Premiere, Friday, 3am – I still find this show worth tuning into for the breadth of stories they’re able to tell.
  • Homestead Rescue (Disc) Series Premier, Friday, 10pm – Helping out folks who are trying to live off the grid, and failing.
  • Mother May I Sleep with Danger (Life) Saturday, 8pm – I don’t know that I ever actually saw the original but this was held up as a key Lifetime movie sort of title, and the James Franco remake with a new lesbian vampire approach could be just terrible enough to work.
  • The Tunnel (PBS) Series Premiere, Sunday, 10:30pm – This remake of the Swedish or American (The Bridge) in UK/France could be worth a look.

The procrastinator lists items that may not be on your regular season pass, though notation does not imply recommendation. Times noted are typically PST.

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