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Standard caveats apply, unless otherwise noted I haven’t seen the pilots ahead of time, and as we all know a pilot can be a clunky introduction that evolves into something far better, worse, or just different. Here’s what I’m most intrigued by.
  • Blackish (ABC, 9/24) – Ensemble with potential, Tracee Ellis Ross, Anthony Anderson, and Laurence Fishburne, time will tell if they find a good ongoing POV in the ‘are we black enough?’ theme the title suggests.
  • Gotham (Fox, 9/22) – What the city was before Batman became Batman, I’m intrigued to see what’s up with the world they create and the back story they provide and by Ben McKenzie as pre-Commissioner Gordon partnered with fave Donal Logue.
  • How to Get Away With Murder (ABC, 9/25) – Shonda Rhimes brings in a new one and who can resist checking that out, not that I’ve stuck with the others, as Viola Davis teaches law school and has a class of people who are probably pretty and of course involved in some of their own murder cases and intrigue.
  • Madam Secretary (CBS, 9/21) – Tea Leoni as Secretary of State, but don’t expect her to follow in Hilary’s footsteps, though she may ‘play by her own rules’ with internal and external politics, Tea is supposed to be good though the series may need some time.
  • Marry Me (NBC, 10/14) – I’m willing to give the pedigree of Happy Endings creator giving Penny (Casey Wilson) another vehicle to create a funny world even if it is centered on a premise that sounds dumb, another couple who maybe can figure it out, we all know sitcoms don’t really need a premise.

And for a few other things that could be worth a watch:

  • A to Z (NBC, 10/2) – The pilot of this was available online early and after a meet-cute and the start of a romance I have to say that although I didn’t hate the two ‘sweet’ leads I wasn’t ready to spend a season with them, another ep may decide.
  • Bad Judge (NBC, 10/2) – The latest show housing Kate Walsh hasn’t gotten good critical buzz and heard the show runner just left so it’s either got potential for a revamp or a slow death.
  • Constantine (NBC, 10/24) – I’m remotely intrigued by this because it’s one of those comic book things that I don’t know anything about, guy with swagger fighting demons or something.
  • Cristela (ABC, 10/10) – Not a lot of interest in this woman eventually getting through law school and its pairing with Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing.
  • The Flash (CW, 10/7) – This show has gotten some good buzz if you enjoy shows like Arrow (me not so much) this latest superhero might be your bag.
  • Forever (ABC, 9/22) – Another early pilot with a coroner who keeps coming back from death and with his longevity comes Sherlock Holmes like observation and knowledge, cop partner, mystery of the week and some overarching intrigue, but neither he nor the supporting cast or case quite made it seem more than status quo.
  • Gracepoint (Fox, 10/2) – This is the remake of British Broadchurch season long mystery which I enjoyed but not sure this brings anything new to the tale and will suffer in comparison.
  • Jane the Virgin (CW, 10/13) – This show is actually getting good critical buzz and praise for the lead, and though I’ll check it out comparisons to Ugly Betty make me put it in the probably not column.
  • Manhattan Love Story (ABC, 9/30) – This just sounds and is said to be bad as we get to see what is reportedly totally stereotypical thoughts of a man and woman who meet, and then after some stumbles, romance undoubtedly ensues.
  • The McCarthys (CBS, 10/30) – Laurie Metcalf heads this New England family where one son is gay and the jokes appear stale.
  • The Mysteries of Laura (NBC, 9/17) – Critics agree this is mostly a mess but I was prepared for it to be so bad I didn’t hate it, curious if another ep could make for a passable fluffy no brainer of a procedural.
  • Mulaney (Fox, 10/5) – Word on the street is this comedian in a semi-autobiographical role is awkward and not so funny, but we’ll see.
  • NCIS: New Orleans (CBS, 9/23) – If you like NCIS, Scott Bakula, or New Orleans give it a go, all three and you’re probably golden.
  • Red Band Society (Fox, 9/17) – Cancer kids in the hospital is ridiculous in setting, characters, actions, and its humor to heartstrings potential and can we talk about the whole ‘show, don’t tell’ theory of storytelling.
  • Scorpion (CBS, 9/22) – Brainiacs with different expertise (computers, mechanics, math, psychology..) fight crime, or something, weekly procedural, no raves to date.
  • Selfie (ABC, 9/30) – This pilot was in the early viewing and really offered nothing of interest in this Pygmalion modernization, but it’s hard to see what the tone will be post intro.
  • Stalker (CBS, 10/1) – This latest procedural with Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott supposedly in the vein of Criminal Minds, you know, kind of yucky crimes, but you know this is about stalkers.
  • State of Affairs (NBC, 11/17) – Katherine Heigle and Alfre Woodard star as a CIA briefing agent and her president, but this sounds like it will be more bogged down with other dramas like how fiancée/first kid was killed.
And then of course there’s cable, and mid-season, and… What are you most excited to see?

Shows mostly listed in alphabetical order and premiere dates subject to change so stay tuned to ‘next week’s for more info. 

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