iphone6 The old lady in me occasionally utters phrases that make me cringe, but I don’t know what we did before smart phones? With two near-death phone experiences this month the phone finally was put to rest. And a day and a half of no texts, no calls (I guess I should figure out what my voice-mail password is before it dies again), no Uber, no bus prediction, no maps, no music…

And then, decisions, decision… I was kind of waiting for the iPhone 6 but who knows for sure when that’s coming and whether the enhancement is worth it. Throwing caution to the wind I went 5s (in gold) and then with the swipe of a credit card (and a new industrial case to protect from dropping) I was back in business.

Lessons learned, you know how they say to back things up, well ya. Fortunately I had backed up after the last near-death experience so I just seem to have lost latest interactions (for the three people who text me on a regular basis this apology applies to you for anything ignored). The only other trick? Passwords. Between my five email accounts and my various apps apparently it helps to know what those are.

So next tech pursuit, password manager?

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