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Well the critics have weighed in, but what do I recommend? It’s hard to tell how unbiased I can look at each individual season but based on previous lists some shows are still faves and alas some shows have definitely dropped off. And of course there are some other shows in my queue, clearly I watch more than ten, or eleven, shows a year. Based on today’s thoughts here’s where I’m at:

  • Justified (Fx) – Raylan the Kentucky Marshall is a fave, some season arcs are stronger than others but they do a great job with the supporting cast and keeping me tuned in to who he will shoot, or get shot by, next.
  • Good Wife (CBS) – They’ve managed to evolve the story of this woman who is standing by her man, raising her family, practicing law and dealing with official and unofficial politics in a way that just keeps me hooked.
  • Sherlock (PBS) – I guess you can never have too much Holmes, sadly only three episodes per season setting him and Watson in modern day, a great look at the traditional stories with new slant on the characters.
  • Parenthood (NBC) – I actually dropped this show when it first came on but now am hooked on the Braverman’s and their drama, at times ridiculous they have some great and touching moments.
  • Parks and Recreation (NBC) – Small town politics with a cast of characters that are quirky and endearing, makes me laugh out loud.
  • Sons of Anarchy (Fx) – The complications upon complications, and the lack impulse control that these people suffer from, keeps me wondering how they can keep going without all being dead but I can’t look away.
  • Louie (Fx) – He’s the critics’ darling and for good reason, you can tell he definitely does what he wants on this show you never know what you’re going to get but this sad guy is getting a lot right.
  • Community (NBC) – The nods to all things pop culture in these eps keeps it a cut above, curious how the new show runners will keep it going.
  • Cougartown (ABC) – As folks should know this show is moving to TBS, but the cul de sac crew drinking wine makes me laugh, maybe because I’m also usually drinking wine.
  • Bunheads (ABCF)/ Hart of Dixie (CW) – These shows are going to get a dual listing, although I can’t honestly say that either of these shows are the best on tv I find them both very enjoyable with their flawed leading lady tries to do right in a small town slant.

Lots of good tv to be had, what’s on your list?

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