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Someone I know has just made the big switch to the iPhone, which of course led to the ‘what apps do you use’ conversation. I’m not a huge app person, but I’ve downloaded a smattering that I don’t use and a few that I do. In addition to standard email, web, phone, camera, clock, and text functions here’s where I spend my time:

System Options:

  • Calendar, Notes, Contacts – Sync with my Outlook so all my info is at my fingertips.
  • ITunes – I’m dabbling with Pandora and Spotify but on the phone this is still my go to for tunes.
  • Maps – Who doesn’t want to know where they are and how to get places?
  • Weather – Who doesn’t need a weather report?

Social Networking:

  • Twitter and Facebook – These are great time killers when you’re stuck somewhere or desperately need to tell people what you’re up to, right now.


  • Fandango – Movie times with reviews and all that.
  • IMDB – Having a conversation that starts with something like ‘you know that guy who was in that movie,’ look it up.
  • TV Guide/Comcast – On occasion I haven’t memorized the TV schedule and for some reason need to check it, haven’t developed a preference to one or the other of these.
  • Yelp – Love the search where I’m at option on this.


  • Routsey/Transporter – I recently tried using Transporter when Routsey had times wrong for muni but I think it’s just muni, so I’m back to Routsey for quick checks on next bus, train, bart.
  • Taxi Magic – Want to call a cab?
  • Uber – Want to pay a little bit more for a car that will actually show?

Functional Stuff:

  • – I swear they don’t always have a lot of words but sometimes the easiest lookup.
  • Evernote – I’m pondering greater embracing of this system, love the possibilities but still have some stuff on straight up Notes.


  • All Text Picture/ASCII TextPics – A friend of mine got into texting ascii pics so I had to return.
  • Groupon/LivingSocial – I do occasionally purchase these so having this on my phone is user friendly when I want to redeem.
  • Lotto – When I remember that I have a lotto ticket in my wallet that I haven’t checked I need to check it immediately.
  • Mustache – My first received recommendation, pick a stache and hold up to your face for fun filled talking.
  • RL Classic – I occasionally need to view a bar code, but you know, almost never.

There are a myriad of apps that I have downloaded for one reason or another but don’t actually use… What apps am I missing? Tell us in comments what apps you can’t live without.

*My transportation stuff is SF focused but I’m sure there’s local action for each locale.

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