to tablet or not to tablet?

When the iPads first came out I was one of the skeptics. I have a laptop and I have a phone. Do I really need yet another thing to own, carry, and buy? And buy again in another three years when I can’t stand how outdated it has become? And as time rolls on I keep rethinking my dismissal but I’m not entirely sure the reasons I don’t need one have changed.

As I find myself reading more and more on my phone and my laptop I start to wonder if reading on some sort of tablet might make more sense. I still believe in books and I still believe in magazines but… With a trip coming up I start to wonder if not traveling with books might make sense. And with my pile of magazines stacking up I start to wonder if faux flipping of digital pages might entertain me without the backlog guilt. And would I watch more tv online? What else can I be doing?

But if I’m doing it, what should I be doing it on? Because of the magazine and video factors I am leaning toward an iPad over a straight up book reader but is the compromise on size and book readability worth it? And is it worth the cost? Is there a right answer?

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