new and noteworthy tv: 8/29-9/4

Time to decide how much tennis to TiVo…


  • Basketball Wives LA (VH1, 8pm) Series Premiere – Because we need another show about wives.
  • Crave (Food, 8:30pm) Series Premiere – Starting with a look for the ultimate slice.
  • American Chopper/Carfellas (Disc, 9/10pm) Season/Series Premieres – Bikes, cars…
  • Design on a Dime (HGTV, 10pm) Season Premiere – Consider a bold palette.
  • Ridiculousness/Death Valley/Cuff’d (MTV, 10/10:30/11pm) Series Premieres – Internet videos, LAPD’s Undead Task Force, and teen arrests.


  • Big Sexy (TLC, 10pm) Series Premiere – A reality show about some gals who show how awesome it is to be plus sized.
  • Chopped (Food, 10pm) Season Premiere – Past winners return to compete.
  • Quirky (Sund, 10pm) Series Premiere – I think this is like one of those other shows where people invent things.


  • Dark Matters (Sci, 10pm) Series Premiere – Unusual science research?


  • I’m Pregnant and… (Health, 10pm) Season Premiere – The ‘…and’ refers to some irregular scenario like my husband wants to become a woman.


  • Man, Woman, Wild (Disc, 9pm) Season Premiere – Lost at sea…


  • US Open Tennis (Various) – The CBS coverage picks up today with 3rd round, and ESPN2 has the earlier and other ongoing coverage.
  • I Faked My Own Death (Disc, 10pm) Series Premiere – I guess enough people have done it enough for a series.


  • Masterpiece: Inspector Lewis (PBS, 9pm) – More inspecting…
  • All American Handyman (HGTV, 9pm) Season Premiere – I can only assume this man is handy.
  • Border Wars (NGC, 9pm) Season Premiere – What do they confiscate…
  • Dinosaur Revolution (Disc, 9pm) Series Premiere – Evolution or revolution in this new animated series.
  • The Good Wife (CBS, 9:30pm) – A look back at the first couple seasons to catch folks up to date, not sure how compelling the special is but the show definitely is.
  • Las Vegas Jailhouse (Tru, 10pm) Season Premiere – Jailhouse rock…

The procrastinator lists items that may not be on your regular season pass, though notation does not imply recommendation other than those underlined. Times noted are typically PST.

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