new and noteworthy tv: 4/4-4/10

I’ve been letting my shows get a little backed up, though I have been making time for reruns of Veronica Mars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix…


  • NCAA Men’s Championship (CBS, 9pm) – I think this might be the end.
  • Kidnapped by the Kids (OWN, 9pm) Series Premiere – Workaholics spend some quality time with their kids.
  • Relapse (A&E, 9pm) Series Premiere – Like Addiction except they’re in relapse after detoxing.
  • Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory (MTV, 10:30pm) Season Premiere – The Beiber stops by.
  • WWE Tough Enough (USA, 11:05pm) Season Premiere – Steve Austin hosts a new crop of competitors.


  • Addicted to Food (OWN, 10pm) Series Premiere – Following folks trying to overcome food addiction for 42 days in a treatment facility.
  • Auction Hunters (Spike, 10pm) Season Premiere – More auctiony items.
  • Pregnant in Heels (Brav, 10pm) Series Premiere – So maternity concierge is a title, and you get to see what they do.


  • Extreme Couponing (TLC, 9pm) Series Premiere – I love a good coupon, I just don’t want to spend more time trying to save money than it would take me to actually earn it at a job.
  • Mythbusters (Disc, 9pm) Season Premiere – Firearms, misdirection… what myths will they debunk or prove?
  • Breaking In (Fox, 9:30pm) Series Premiere – I always like high-tech security premise let’s see if Christian Slater and the kid from Reaper entertain.
  • Glamour Belles (Life, 10pm) Series Premiere – A look at a pageant dress shop, I didn’t realize there was such a thing, clearly I’m not watching the right reality.
  • Tori & Dean (Oxy, 10pm) Series Premiere – I don’t know that it really counts as a new series when reality stars do yet another slant on their lives.
  • Workaholics (Com, 10:30pm) Series Premiere – Apparently the title is supposed to be funny because it’s about pot head slackers.
  • Top Chef Masters (Brav, 11pm) Season Premiere – Curtis Stone is a new host and Ruth Reichl is a new judge.


  • Police Women/Unleashed (TLC, 9/10pm) Season/Series Premiere – Police women and then a K-9 unit.
  • Bear Whisperer (AnPl, 10pm) Season Premiere – A wild life specialist and of course bears.
  • Mounted in Alaska (Hist, 10pm) Series Premiere – Taxidermy anyone?
  • America’s Best Dance Crew (MTV, 10pm) Season Premiere – New crews compete.
  • The Real Housewives of NYC (Brav, 10pm) Season Premiere – I guess there’s a new one who is more normal, relatively speaking I assume.
  • Secret Diary of a Call Girl/Gigolos (Show, 10:30/11) Season/Series Premieres – The return of the series about a call girl and then real life paid male escorts.


  • The Singing Bee/CMT’s Next Superstar (CMT, 8/9pm) Season/Series Premieres – Competing with karaoke and then just country music.
  • Tiger Man of Africa (NGC, 10pm) Series Premiere – A look at a tiger sanctuary.


  • It’s Me or the Dog (AnPl, 8pm) Season Premiere – I wonder if the answer to that question is the dog.


  • Human Planet (Disc, 8pm) Series Premiere – How people live in various regions.
  • Upstairs Downstairs (PBS, 9pm) Miniseries Premiere – A revamp of turn of the century London masters and servants.
  • The Judds (OWN, 9pm) Series Premiere – Naomi and Wynonna do some stuff and you can watch them.
  • Shark Men (NGC, 9pm) Series Premiere – Men who look for or look at sharks.
  • Khloe & Lamar/The Dance Scene (E!, 10/10:30pm) Series Premieres – The latest version of Kardashian reality and then dancers train with a choreographer for fancy dance jobs.
  • River Monsters (AnPl, 10pm) Season Premiere – What river creature will they find in Papua New Guinea?

The procrastinator lists items that may not be on your regular season pass, though notation does not imply recommendation other than those underlined. Times noted are typically PST.

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