new and noteworthy tv: 3/7-3/13

The new TiVo is working out nicely, and with all the storage room I feel compelled to record more new stuff, bring me new stuff!


  • Too Fat for 15 (Style, 8pm) Season Premiere – Something about kids losing weight…
  • Greek (ABCFam, 9pm) Series Finale – I actually enjoyed this slightly more upscale campy college show, though ending a season before half of the cast graduated and stuck around might have made more sense.
  • All About Aubrey (VH1, 10pm) Series Premiere – Yet another show following yet another person I don’t care about.
  • Stargate Universe (Syfy, 10pm) Season Premiere – The final season of this version of Stargate kicks off.


  • Southland (TNT, 10pm) Season Finale – I don’t normally list season finales but there’s nothing much else on tonight, except of course the return of Gwyneth on Glee, but really is that noteworthy?


  • Nothing Personal (ID, 10pm) Series Premiere – Because no category will remain uncovered in the look at crimes, crime for hire.
  • The Real World (MTV, 10pm) Season Premiere – Vegas baby.


  • Fierce Funny Women (Show, 8:30pm) – Let the ladies make you laugh with some women I’ve never heard of, yet I’m sure.


  • Fish Warrior (NGC, 8pm) Season Premiere – Not sure if the fish is the warrior or someone is a warrior for or against fish…


  • Rascal Flatts (ABC, 9pm) – Natasha Bedingfield and Justin Beiber make guest appearances if they weren’t a big enough draw for you.


  • Sister Wives (TLC, 9pm) Season Premiere – So did they ever pursue the criminal charges on these real life polygamists?

The procrastinator lists items that may not be on your regular season pass, though notation does not imply recommendation other than those underlined. Times noted are typically PST.

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