new and noteworthy tv: 2/22-2/28

So the Olympics have another week in them, and to get your full fix on curling and hockey check out msnbc, CNBC, and USA.


  • Olympics (NBC, 12:35am, 3/8pm) – Speedskating, figure skating, bobsledding; Cross-country skiing; Figure skating, freestyle skiing, ski jumping.
  • The Bachelor (ABC, 8pm) – It’s the special women tell all edition, will we get some new dirt?


  • Olympics (NBC, 12:35/2am, 3/8pm) – Figure skating; Figure skating, freestyle skiing, ski jumping; Speedskating , biathlon, freestyle skiing; Figure skating, bobsledding, skiing.
  • American Idol (Fox, 8pm) – We’re finally into the semis where people sing a whole song and we can pick out who we hate like, ladies Tuesday, gents Wednesday, and the painfully dragged out results show Thursday.
  • WWE NXT (Syfy, 10pm) Series Premiere – WWE newbies are shown the robes by the veterans.


  • Olympics (NBC, 12:35/2am, 3/8pm) – Men’s hockey; Figure skating, bobsledding, skiing; Men’s hockey; Freestyle skiing, bobsledding, speedskating, alpine skiing.
  • Inbetweeners (BBCA, 9:30pm) Season Premiere – The schoolmates get into some fix or another.


  • Olympics (NBC, 12:05/1:30am, 3/8pm) – Speedskating; Freestyle skiing, bobsledding, speedskating, Alpine skiing; Cross-country skiing; Figure skating, freestyle skiing, Nordic combined.
  • Police Women of Maricopa (TLC, 9pm) Season Premiere – Looks like we’re moving from Broward County to Maricopa County, Arizona.


  • Olympics (NBC, 12:35/2am, 3/8pm) – Figure skating highlights; Figure skating, freestyle skiing, Nordic combined; Men’s hockey; Speedskating, Alpine skiing, bobsledding.
  • NAACP Image Awards (Fox, 8pm) – Tyler Perry gets the Chairman’s Award and lots o’ others are honored.
  • Live From Abbey Road (Sund, 8pm) Season Premiere – Modern stars perform a tribute to the Beatles Abbey Road Album.
  • Four Weddings (TLC, 10pm) Series Premiere – Not three but four weddings are shown.


  • Olympics (NBC, 12:05/1:30am, 1/8pm) – Biathlon, snowboarding; Speedskating, Alpine skiing, bobsledding; Speedskating, snowboarding, cross-country skiing; Snowboarding, Alpine skiing, bobsledding, figure skating.


  • Olympics (NBC, 1:02am, 12/7/11:35pm) – Snowboarding, Alpine skiing, bobsledding, figure skating; Men’s hockey, cross-country skiing; Closing Ceremony.
  • The Marriage Ref (NBC, 10:30pm) – It’s a ‘preview’ version of the latest from Seinfeld where celebrities judge a couple’s problem.

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