next week 4/20

New and notable in the week ahead… procrastinator picks are underlined.


  • Belly of the Beast (Disc, 9pm) Series Premiere – Some dude checks out military helicopters in this latest look at stuff.


  • Eco Trip/Carbon Cops (Sund, 9/9:30pm) Series Premieres – How do everyday things like chocolate impact the environment and how can you make your life more green.
  • Life After People (Hist, 10pm) Series Premiere – Creepy or interesting to hypothesize what the earth would be like if people weren’t alive anymore.
  • The Phone (MTV, 10pm) Series Premiere – I think it’s like the Amazing Race but they get a call.
  • The Unusuals (ABC, 10pm) – Special night for these not quite usual detectives along with its regular Wed showing.


  • Lost (ABC, 9pm) – The latest Lost special tells the Story of the Oceanic 6, and again I am more than 6 episodes behind so tivo will keep running.


  • Bones (Fox, 8pm) – They must have some extra eps as they blow through another two of bones, don’t miss Monday’s and its regular slot on tonight.


  • Wild Weddings (TLC, 9pm) Series Premiere – For those of you looking for a good wacky weddings show.


  • I Want to Save Your Life (WE, 10/10:30pm) Series Premiere – It’s an intervention series.


  • TV Land Awards (TVL, 8pm) – Doogie, I mean Barney, I mean Neil Patrick Harris hosts.
  • Daisy of Love (VH1, 9pm) Series Premiere – Brett may or may not have found his rock of love but his season two reject still hasn’t, so let the games begin.

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  1. Well even though procrastinator pick are modest this week, I still can’t support them – and I’ve tried.

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