next week 2/23

New and notable in the week ahead…


  • The Bachelor (ABC, 8pm) – The women tell all…


  • Presidential Address (Various, 6pm) – Obama talks to a joint session of congress to outline challenges and proposed actions.
  • Dark Days in Monkey City (AnPl, 10pm) Series Premiere – Live action and animation for a couple species of monkeys.


  • American Idol (Fox, 8pm) – It’s on Wed and Thursday this week for the next round of twelve, so set the tivos, the results shows are definitely supposed to be fast forwarded through.


  • Secrets of the Furious 5 (NBC, 8pm) – Apparently the guys from Kung Fu Panda are bringing another tale.
  • The Chris Isaak Hour (Bio, 7pm) Series Premiere – Trisha Yearwood joins Chris to kick off his show.


  • American Loggers (Disc, 10pm) Series Premiere – Timberrrrrrrr!


  • America/Anacondas (Life/SciFi, 9pm) – Desperation may make you turn to an original telefilm…


  • Saturday Night Live Just Shorts (NBC, 7pm) – Andy Samburg has brought some funny and hosts this compilation of the mostly not live portion of the show.
  • Running in Heels (Style, 8pm) Series Premiere – A look at fashion mag Marie Claire through various employees.
  • The Apprentice (NBC, 9pm) Season Premiere – Dennis Rodman, Joan Rivers, and a bevy of d listers take on Trumps tasks. 
  • Jesse Stone (CBS, 9pm) – ‘Thin Ice’ has Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone in the latest telefilm based on the Parker novels.

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  1. don’t forget that monday is purportedly the most DRAMATIC BACHELOR IN HISTORY!!! (or is is most romantic…most emotional… most cheesy? can’t remember) the key thing to remember is the “most” and to say it and as dramatic tone as possible…

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