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jay_leno.jpgLeno will sign off as the host of the Tonight Show in May 2009 and Conan will be taking over. But what will Jay do? Apparently he’ll be on NBC five nights a week for a show of similar format every night at 10.

Ten you say? Well what about the regular ten shows? What regular shows? I can only assume that they can move Law & Order to 9. The way people watch television is shifting with cable and dvd and dvrs. No one’s watching and it’s pretty expensive to keep making bad shows.

This just raises a lot of questions. Will the ratings of Jay average out to better ratings than what they have now? Will all of the current Tonight Show viewers tune in to this in addition to watching Conan on the Tonight Show? Instead of Conan? If ratings are a less across the board and cost less is that ok too?

And will the other networks follow suit? CW and Fox have never tried to program the 10 hour. And I don’t know that ABC has anything left (Life on Mars hasn’t been canceled yet). Can CBS stand strong with CSI x 3, Without a Trace and Numb3rs? The NBC guy called their plan a new paradigm. I guess we’ll see. Personally I don’t watch Jay now, I don’t really watch any late night talkers, and I probably won’t in the future no matter the time.

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  1. @Makani – currently set to release november 13, 2009… i am intrigued, guy ritchie doesn’t have the best track record as director but r downey jr is the new golden boy…

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