next week 10/27

New and notable in the week ahead… procrastinator picks are underlined.


  • Chuck/Samantha Who? (NBC/ABC, 8/9:30pm) – Arrested Development’s Tony Hale performs a guest star rock block on two of tonight’s fun shows.
  • Gary Unmarried (CBS, 9:30pm) – A special night presentation of the pilot, does this mean Worst Week is out, the network says no.
  • South Park (Com, 9:30pm) – Can pink eye ruin Halloween?


  • Greek (ABC fam, 9pm) Season Finale – They have managed to stretch one school year over multiple seasons but it’s time for things to come to an end, but just for this year thankfully, next year Rusty moves into the house, but what will become of non president Casey?
  • Coolio’s Rules (Oxy, 10pm) Series Premiere – Rap dude starts a catering business and raises his kids in this latest reality addition.
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (ABC, 8pm) – Will Linus ever see the Great Pumpkin?


  • Barack (Fox, CBS, NBC, 8pm) – He’s paying for some time, as I understand it his fundraising can afford it.
  • Shaken Not Stirred (MyNet, 10pm) Series Debut – DL Hughley, Anthony Anderson, and Paul Rodriguez start their interviews with Al Sharpton.


  • 30 Rock (NBC, 9:30pm) Season Premiere – They’re back and starting a string of guest stars with Megan Mullally.


  • Ghost Hunters (SciFi, 7pm) – Seven hour special presentation.
  • Halloween H2O (Fx, 7pm) – Check out the 20th anniversary edition of this holiday classic.


  • Gladiators (BBCA, 4/5pm) Series Premiere – I think this might be American Gladiators but British, would just saying British Gladiators be too much to ask?


  • Brotherhood (Show, 8pm) Season Premiere – I’m already hooked on Dexter, I can’t watch another show on a cable channel I don’t get.
  • The Simpsons (Fox, 8pm) – Treehouse of Horror strikes again.

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