next week 9/8

New and notable in the week ahead, procrastinator picks are underlined.


  • Terminator: SCC (Fox, 8pm) Season Premiere – Sarah and her son John moving in time to try to stop things before they go awry, and stay alive, though the leads are both a little stiff, as the supporting cast and stories were developed so was the interest (though I might have to lose it in this time slot against GGirl and Chuck).
  • CMA Music Festival (ABC, 9pm) – Fans and country stars are shown from this four day music festival.
  • Dr 90210 (E, 10pm) Season Premiere – This reality follows a doctor in Beverly Hills I assume.


  • Fringe (Fox, 8pm-replays Sun) Series Premiere – 95 minute start of the JJ Abrams series (Lost, Alias, Felicity) brings us what’s being most closely compared to the X-files, as an FBI agent investigates “phenomena” with the help of old science guy and son (Dawson Creek’s Joshua Jackson).
  • Privileged (CW, 9pm-replays Sun) Series Premiere – Cute Joanna Garcia (Reba) is introduced to the world of the spoiled as a live in tutor.
  • Fashion Rocks (CBS, 9pm) – Denis Leary hosts this mix of fashionable rockers and rocking fashions.
  • The Rachel Zoe Project (Bravo, 11pm-repeats) Series Premiere – Follow real life celebrity fashion stylist and her posse as they style the celebrities.


  • Greatest American Dog (CBS, 8pm) Season Finale – The final three dogs compete, and I admit that I’ve dropped off this show but the difference in dog’s (and owners) performance on the different kinds of challenges was fun to see.
  • ‘Til Death (Fox, 9pm) Season Premiere – This Brad Garrett and others show about two couples, one jaded, one not, has never made it to my watched list.
  • Do Not Disturb (Fox, 9:30pm) Series Premiere -Jerry O’Connell plays the general manager of this hip hotel with apparent staff shenanigans.
  • Real World/Road Rules Challenge (MTV, 10pm-repeats) Season Premiere – I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen this show which starts its 16th season of competition.


  • MTV’s Top Pop Group (MTV, 10pm-repeats) Series Premiere – Music acts compete as Mario Lopez hosts.
  • Comics Without Borders (Show, 10pm-repeats) Series Premiere – This looks like a standup comedy showcase.


  • 2008 Alma Awards (ABC, 8pm) – Eva Longoria Parker hosts the Latino Awards with recipients like America Ferrera
  • Don’t Forget the Lyrics (Fox, 9pm) Season Premiere – And the lyric singing continues.


  • Action Sports (Sat/Sun NBC, USA) – The Toyota Challenge takes us to Salt Lake City as the guys get closer to winning the Dew Cup my favorite is still the vert skate and though Bucky’s in the lead it’s anyone’s game.
  • Coco Chanel (Life, 8pm) – Shirley MacLaine plays fashion icon Chanel in this tv movie of her life.
  • MADtv (Fox, 11pm) Season Premiere – Jerry O’Connell guests as this skit series returns.
  • SNL (NBC, 11:30) Season Premiere – Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps hosts and hopefully doesn’t embarrass himself with Lil Wayne performing.


  • Catch up on tivo or replays of premieres of Fringe and Privileged, I love when they replay starters to give you some time to catch before you settle into a season.

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  1. 9-8 next week
    Allright I’m down, that’s right – I’m down for Fringe & Privileged, trial basis of course

    And for last weeeks choices – so far I’m only sticking with the Samuri/Valley Girl who heads back for Japan
    And True Blood still saved for Sunday

  2. – Terminator: SCC – the first ep was a dreadful relaunch of things, though i might give it one more shot
    – Fringe – stay tuned
    – Privileged – pretty cute, nice balance of the spoiled girls and the tutor trying to do right with friends and family
    – Rachel Zoe Project – not interested in dysfunctional office relationships outside of the office
    – Do Not Disturb – it felt like a passed pilot, bets on first cancelation?

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