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olympicmedals.jpgWell I like to think that the amount of time I sit in front of a television could qualify me for my own Olympic event, but I hear it actually just makes me sound pathetic. So sometimes to make me feel more athletic I watch sports. I should be in really good shape after three weeks of Olympic coverage.

There seem to be three kinds of watchers: Watch it All, Watch Favorites, and the Dabblers (who just seem to turn on the tv when they’re around and watch whatever sport happens to be on). Well as much as I long to be a Dabbler I get engrossed in a sport and then somehow think I’m going to miss out if I don’t watch 24/7.

The sports that I do tend to seek out are swimming, diving, gymnastics, and beach volleyball. Of course the fun of the Olympics is more about some of the sports that folks toil over year round that most people don’t follow like archery, table tennis, or synchronized swimming.

So no matter what you’re planning to watch you might need to do a little planning to watch it. NBC proper will typically show the most ‘popular’ sports but with a block of 8 and then 4 hours of coverage on this Saturday alone¬†tivos will be getting pretty full pretty fast.

The NBC Olympics site has pretty detailed breakdowns by day and by sport. You can drill down each day to see what sports are on in shorter blocks of time as well as which time blocks are finals vying for medals. And in this day and age of course you can find videos online. There may be too much planning involved on this even for me so I guess in the meantime I should clear off a little more space on my tivo.

* Full coverage includes NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, USA, Universal HD, Oxygen, Telemundo, and apparently NBC Olympic Basketball Channel and NBC Olympic Soccer Channel

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  1. so i like to think of myself as a “Watch Faves’ kind of gal, but in reality, i’m just a dabbler. Whatever sport is on at the moment i happen to be sitting down with my pot pie is the one that i get into. With the exception of Gymnastics, which i do try and watch. i personally like to catch the underdog sports, such as canoe/kayak, fencing and trampoline. AND of course, Table Tennis (aka “ping pong”) should prove to be quite exciting this year what with the Chinese influence and all….let the games begin!

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