next week 6/2


  • Legally Blonde the Musical: The Search for Elle Woods (MTV, 10pm) Series Premiere – I assume this is like where they looked for the new leads in Grease.
  • The Mole (ABC, 10pm) Season Premiere – It’s reality, it’s a competition, does anyone care?


  • 30 Days (FX, 10pm) Season Premiere – Morgan Spurlock returns to 30 days in the lives of others starting with coal mining.


  • She’s Got the Look (TVLand, 10pm) Season Premiere – Ladies over 35 do their own version of ANTM.


  • NBA Finals (ABC, 6pm/pst) – The series starts tonight.
  • Fear Itself (NBC, 10pm) Series Premiere – A host of directors, actors, and writers create episodes for this series of suspense and horror shows.
  • Swingtown (CBS, 10pm) Series Premiere – A new couple moves to a Chicago suburb where the 70s are in full swing.


  • French Open (NBC, 10am/pst and s/su 6am/pst) –¬†Wrapping up another fortnight of tennis following ESPN2¬†coverage throughout the week.
  • Charlie Jade (Scifi, 8pm) Series Premiere – A rogue PI deals with mysteries and parallel universes.
  • Meerkat Manor (Animal, 9pm) Season Premiere – Last season’s posters made the meerkats look like the sopranos, I haven’t seen any this season.


  • America’s Best Dance Crew (MTV, 2/4:30pm) – The casting special is followed by some performances, the real competition starts on Thursday.
  • Sybil (CBS, 8pm) – Not sure that Sally Field’s multiple personalities need to be revisited in an update but here it is.


  • When We Left the Earth: The Nasa Missions (Disc, 9pm) – This special presentation kicks off the multi part series.
  • L&O: Criminal Intent (USA, 9pm) – Returning from strike hiatus as Vincent D’Onofrio returns from a break, probably because Big is promoting Sex and the City.
  • Army Wives (Life, 10pm) Season Premiere – I got the impression this was wives of people in the army, but maybe it’s women in the army who are wives… maybe it’s both.
  • This American Life (Show, 10pm) Season Finale – Ira’s talking to guys named John Smith.

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