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ggirl-georgina.bmpAh we always love the bad girl action on a soapy show and there has been plenty to go around. Serena was greeted by the return of former wild child partner in crime Georgina, with the guest appearance and rumored new cast member come fall, Michelle Trachtenberg (formerly Dawn from Buffy). Serena’s vilification of Chuck, as he took up stead as her step brother to be, ended with her leaning on his shoulder for help with the Georgina situation. But Serena made problems worse lying to Dan trying to keep the awful truth hidden. Well we all know the awful truth always comes out.

Serena tried to make nice but when she tried to stop her partying ways, after Georgina drugged her for a night out before the SATs, G moved to blackmail. G’s got a hidden video of the real reason S left town, apparently they ‘killed someone.’ Georgina isn’t just messing with Serena, she’s lying to Dan pretending to be normal gal Sarah to gain his trust and secrets. And she’s spreading the secrets wherever she can, outing S’s brother Eric to the family.

Turns out Eric didn’t have a crush on the littlest Humphrey, Jenny, he had a crush on her boyfriend. Apparently they’d been involved since rehab and were caught kissing on the street. So when gay boyfriend tried to up the ante on using Jenny as his beard she caved to the reality and made a pact to their mutual benefit, she’d fess up to doing the deed and he’d let the status-less gal lean on his pedigree. As we recall the Humphreys are on scholarship to the exclusive private school and are forced to bring things like a sack lunch from their tragically poor Brooklyn.

Jenny just couldn’t keep up with the Joneses, or the Waldorfs as the case may be. Since Jenny was so busy shoving Blair down to claw her way to the top, B couldn’t let things lie. After arranging for the gals to show up at Jenny’s house just in time to catch her in her ‘borrowed’ dress from one of the gal pals moms she arranged a full outing of Jenny’s new beau at the latest social event. Now Blair wasn’t going to out Eric, she does have her standards, but once the cat was out of the bag for Eric he was happy to call a gay a gay.

Something tells me more trouble is a brewing, so stay tuned tonight as Serena starts to return to her wild girl ways.

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