next week 5/12

Stay tuned this week for the finales of many a show, does this mean it’s summer?


  • Samantha Who? (ABC, 9:30) Season Finale – Samantha’s birthday brings her family, buddies and romance together for some chaos.
  • Medium (NBC, 10pm) Season Finale – Being a medium and a mom is a challenge, or something.
  • The Bachelor (ABC, 10pm) Season Finale – I hear it’s one of the most dramatic and romantic yet!


  • Beauty and the Geek (CW, 8pm) Season Finale – And I’m sure the beauties and the geeks have all learned a little about each other.
  • Law & Order: SVU (NBC, 10pm) Season Finale – One of the detectives is caught up in a case and becomes a suspect.
  • Women’s Murder Club (ABC, 10pm) Season Finale – The gals get involved in the pursuit of a the kiss me not killer.


  • America’s Next Top Model (CW, 8pm) Season Finale – The latest Top Model will be chosen.
  • Til Death/Back to You (Fox, 8/8:30pm) Season Finales – I don’t actually watch either of these comedies but I’m sure hijinks will ensue.


  • My Name Is Earl/The Office (NBC, 8/9pm) Season Finales – Both these shows will air two part episodes as finales.
  • Smallville/Supernatural (CW, 8/9pm) Season Finales – There will be battles.
  • CSI/Without a Trace (CBS, 9/10pm) Season Finales – There will be murders and missing people.
  • ER (NBC, 10pm) Season Finale – And the special guest star is… Steve Buscemi.


  • Ghost Whisperer/Moonlight/Numb3rs (CBS, 8/9/10pm) Season Finales– Um, ghosts and vampires and fbi cases.


  • Saturday Night Live (NBC, 11:30pm) – Steve Carrell and Usher join to round out the season.


  • Extreme Makeover/Desperate Housewives (ABC, 7/9pm) Season Finales – Two hour episode of Makeover followed by housewives that are oh so desperate.
  • Academy of Country Music Awards (CBS, 8pm) – They came, they sang, they won, and lost.
  • Everybody Hates Chris/Aliens in America/The Game (CW, 8/8:30/9pm) Season Finales – Everybody… ok I don’t watch these shows either.
  • The Simpsons/King of the Hill/American Dad (Fox, 8/8:30/9:30pm) Season Finales – Animated shows need time off too.

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