Not much to report on tv shows themselves this week so I thought I’d just check in on a few things of note.

NBC released its year round upfront to the upfronts. Although I actually try not to pay much attention to these since everything changes or disappears before it goes live but, worth noting are a ‘The Office’ spin-off, the surprising return of not great ‘Knightrider‘ and ‘Lipstick Jungle‘ but also another shot for ‘Life‘ which I just told someone wasn’t coming back.

As for the other networks we’re not official yet but I might be a tiny bit excited about Joss Whedon’s (Buffy!) expected ‘Dollhouse‘ show starring Eliza Dushku (Faith!) and trepidatious about Rob Thomas’s (VMars) ‘90210‘ the next generation (Donna has expressed interesting in playing a milf though it sounds like they’re courting Kelly to round out the older generation on the show).

Project Runway‘ is slated to move from Bravo to Lifetime, not this next season but the one after, though NBC has something to say about that. People with Tivos will follow but will this impact the show or the networks? Wait do I get Lifetime? And if I hear correctly ‘Scrubs‘ is moving to ABC. So what one more season?

ANTM‘ is getting busted for showing some full frontal – albino Anya’s nudie shoot with Nigel was deemed by some to be inappropriate for evening eyes. I actually watched this and thought she was wearing little coveries but I guess they just blurred her out, really it was all fine, but conservative parental organizations are still arguing about Dennis Franz’ butt on ‘NYPD Blue‘ so perspective is not something these organizations have.

Oh and Kathie Lee Gifford took up residence in the last hour of ‘The Today Show‘, I haven’t watched this in ages but maybe she can put some life in what I recall was nearly dead air.

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  1. apparently Rob Thomas will still be involved in 90210 but not a show runner as he has two other shows going… one of which is a remake of the old Cupid show which I loved and was of course canceled almost immediately

  2. has Nina Garcia been aufed from Elle magazine? looks like it, and though Heidi and Tim Gunn are contracted for the expected move to Lifetime, Nina and Kors haven’t been, yet, so what’s next for her is anybody’s guess…

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