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lost sayid kate and angry guyI’m as caught up as I’m going to be before tomorrow night’s episode. So of the Losties we’ve got Jack, Kate, Hugo, Sayid, and Aaron…? Kate’s flash forward trial for misc counts against her after returning from the island was quite a revealing episode. But then again so was Sayid’s. Where to begin?

Well we now know that the official future story is that 8 people survived the plane crash and that 2 of them were supposedly killed, or something. We know that quite a few people have been killed on the island, so why 2? I mean the number of dead people seems an odd thing to lie about, but clearly this lie is particularly crafted. Some of the folks could have been known to have initially survived I suppose.

So future Kate gets out of jail time… I could see how Kate’s mom not testifying might get her off of murdering her dad (or stepdad?) but didn’t she rob a bank and kill at least one other guy there? Whatever. Also random that part of her parole agreement was that she couldn’t leave the state for ten years, something tells me that will come up again.

So after future Jack testified about Kate’s heroism (and the fact that he no longer loved her?) did he not want to hang with Kate and her ‘son’ Aaron because he has issues with his being his nephew, or leaving sis Claire behind (his dad was Claire’s dad too as we recall though I don’t believe island Jack knows that)? Or my secret unrealistic theory that it’s because he has issues with the fact that it’s Kate and Sawyer’s baby!

Unrealistic but, Kate denies being pregnant as she turned down Sawyer for sex but being pregnant could explain why she gets off the island to face prison. Also unlikely to name her son Aaron in tribute, and for her kid to be that old. But how old is that kid? Assuming it’s Claire’s Aaron, they’d only been there but 100 days so far, not sure how far into that Claire had him, but how much time elapses before they get off, or after they get back but before the trial.

And speaking of time we know that time isn’t universal, as one of the ‘rescuers’ from ‘not Penelope’s boat’ (who are apparently there to get Ben, but also have a photo of Penelope and Desmond?) sent a little test tracker from boat to island and time passed differently on the island. This of course gets us all ready to hear that the helicopter that took off from the island the day before still hasn’t landed on the freighter.

And we assume the chopper hasn’t crashed because we also know that future Sayid is working for Ben, WTF? He’s killing folks in an apparent attempt to protect his ‘friends’, the other survivors I assume. And someone is trying to kill Sayid to get to Ben, or for info on who he’s working for. Ben wasn’t on the original flight so he’s theoretically not a part of the six. We also know that when island Sayid found Ben’s little hidden room at the barracks that he had a number of passports and piles of cash. For some reason I was thinking that we were told that he had never left the island, but I could easily be wrong.

And new angry asian “recuer” is trying to blackmail extort Ben saying he’d tell his team that Ben was dead if he gave him 3.2 million. So clearly he knows that island Ben has some access to that amount of cash, or else it’s some crazy code for something. We do know that Ben says he has an insider on the boat.

And what of the rescuers? We know that the four folks were picked for some reason. One guy talks to ghosts (angry asian rescuer), one guy is some sort of scientist (spacy can’t remember -or predict- three cards), one woman is an anthropologist (i think this is the role VMars almost got), and one guy was supposed to be the pilot of the Oceanic crashed flight (old chopper dude). 

All were gathered by creepy black guy who said he was from Oceanic when he visited future Hurly in the loony bin. And dead rescuer Naomi was supposed to be the trained one to see that the four got on and off safely. Whoops.

What will the next episode reveal? Tune in or Tivo Thursday night to find out!

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