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wire.jpgWhen I suggested some favorite shows currently on the air that are worth catching up on, some folks pointed out that I missed a few choice items. I think we’re all aware that I watch a lot of tv, but even I have my limits… Some of the cable selections I missed the first time around at the top of my queue are (based on folks’ and critics’ opinions and you know, my mood whilst writing this):

  • The Wire (HBO)
  • Battlestar Gallactica (SciFi)
  • Big Love (HBO)
  • Weeds (Show)
  • Dexter (Show)
  • Nip/Tuck (Fx)
  • The Shield (Fx)
  • Brotherhood (Show)
  • The Tudors (Show)
  • Mad Men (AMC) – Season 1 yet to be released
  • Californication (Show) – Season 1 yet to be released

And I have started but am still behind on the following:

  • Entourage, Six Feet Under, Sopranos (all HBO)

And may go back and check out these HBO shows:

  • Carnivale, Deadwood, Oz 

What do you think I should be watching?

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  1. Intervention on A&E (it’s intense though)
    Are you watching Make me a Supermodel?
    You can find Project Runway Canada season 1 on youtube – it was better than the US version – Iman is the host.
    I’m looking forward to Girlicious
    I most look forward to Cashmere Mafia these days because of Lucy Liu.
    In a pinch, Carpoolers can be funny-ish. Sometimes.

  2. excellent suggestions!

    i’ve never seen Intervention but am a new fan of Celebrity Rehab. I’ve never seen Supermodel or Canada’s Runway but am a fan of America’s Next Top Model and US Runway

    and I missed the first seasons of Pussycat Dolls, I assume Girlicious follows similar format, but was previously amused by early band shows Making the Band and Popstars

    I do still catch Cashmere Mafia, I can’t in good conscience recommend it but it was better than Lipstick Jungle, and if you like fun Lucy I might suggest the movie Lucky Number Slevin where she was cute.

    and yeah Carpoolers in a pinch, though i am watching American Idol in that time slot so far this season…

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