lost yet?

lost castWell this weekend I caught up on Lost. I watched the pop up video styles of last season’s two hour finale and watched the recap episode to bring us up to date. I won’t try to recap what’s happened over the seasons here because even these episodes couldn’t touch on everything. Former cast, numbers, smoke monster?

But it did get me back in the groove again. It had been so long since I’d seen this I had forgotten how compelling it was. I somehow remember that Lost kept introducing new mysteries and not resolving anything. In retrospect more has been resolved and certainly way more has happened than I could remember, or keep track of.

And then of course we had the season premiere. They’re following the format tweak that blew folks away at the end of last year. We’re doing flash forwards, and how forward are we? Well they seem to be playing a little loose with that format as well. Last season ended certainly more forward than this Hurley interaction.

We now know that the ‘Oceanic Six’ appear to have gotten off the island. Kate, Jack, Hurley, obituary person? Who else? And we know that something happened that they’re not telling. Alas another mystery. So back on the island we’re going to start getting acquainted with yet another posse of people. The ‘not Penelope’s boat’ people. And seriously there are more new characters on this deserted island than Gilligan could ever have hoped for.

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  1. I agree — I’m already hooked again. I think there’s probably lots of speculation about who the Oceanic 6 are. I sort of assumed Kate is shacked up with Sawyer post-island so he is one of the 6 but I don’t think I really have any evidence for that theory.

  2. funny my instinct was Sawyer as well… but read online speculation, which I try not to do, that maybe it was a spouse/significant other or maybe it was a son/child… huh? I had also forgotten that Desmond’s vision about Charlie dying showed Claire getting on a helicopter, getting off the island? time will tell I suppose…

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