next week 1/28


  • State of the Union (6/9pm est/pst, Check Your Local Listings) – We don’t have to listen to him for much longer.
  • In Treatment (HBO, 9:30pm) Series Premiere – Gabriel Byrne is a therapist with of course a ton of issues of his own in this 5 night a week show, man, 5 nights a week?
  • Gossip Girl (CW, 8pm) – A special presentation of the pilot with additional behind the scenes and interview footage.
  • Making the Band (MTV, 10pm) Season Premiere – Hmm, so I read that this is the 11th season, then I read that this was Making the Band 4, maybe they stopped making new bands? I remember watching the first season on network tv with the making of OTown but haven’t watched since.


  • Baghdad Hospital: Inside the Red Zone (HBO, 8:30pm) – A close look at life in Baghdad by an Iraqi doctor who has since fled the country.
  • House (Fox, 9pm) – It’s new, they try to diagnose someone… should still be two more after this.


  • Lost (ABC, 9pm) – Last season’s finale with extra facts and tidbits to get you caught up.
  • Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants (CW, 8pm) Season Finale – I don’t know what they win, but one team will win.
  • American Ballroom Challenge (PBS, 8pm) – And they dance….


  • Lost (ABC, 8/9pm) Season Premiere – It’s baaack, and they really want you to know what’s going on so the recap espisode at 8 should tell us all we need to know to get sucked in yet again… they better settle this strike.
  • Eli Stone (ABC, 10pm) Series Premiere – Is this lawyer a prophet, a sick man, or a nut job? No matter what his life is going to change.


  • 1 vs. 100, Friday Night Lights, Las Vegas (NBC, 8/9/10) – They’re new…
  • Dinner for Five (IFC, 10:30) – Jon Favreau welcomes guests Vince Vaughn, Peter Billingsley, Justin Long and Keir O’Donnell.


  • Trading Spaces (TLC, 9pm) – This episode is the first in its regular timeslot, we had the first ep of the season last week, and we were all excited to have Paige back holding the reigns again.


  • Suberbowl XLII (Fox, 3pm/pst ) – This might be the only occasion that we use roman numerals.
  • House (Fox, 7:15?) – In the coveted after superbowl spot Mira Sorvino gets some remote diagnosis.
  • Life is Wild (CW, 8pm) Season Finale – I guess you could find out how the wild is treating this family.

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  1. LOVE the quote this week! Have to admit R of L was addicting the first time around & watched more of it than I would care to admit… What happened between Kimberly & Brett? I missed the follow up ep after the finale. Fear I am but one marathon away from addiction relapse this season.

    OK some Trading Spaces trivia — just read that Paige is married to a guy w/the last name of “Page.” Is that worse than Julia Gulia?

    Enjoy your witty ep guides. Thanks for taking the time!

  2. Well apparently it was like 8 mos later and jess had a new boyfriend, so she went on the show and said that after watching the episodes herself she thought Brett should have picked Heather! But apparently he didn’t. So Heather, Rodeo, and psycho redhead girl are all making guest appearances this year and he tries to find true love :)

  3. Ah, I see. Interesting that she got such a different perspective from watching the edited-for-TV version, as opposed to witnessing it with her own eyes. Nice to see the other girls cashing in on their 16th minute of fame. Just as long as I don’t have to see psycho readhead sing…

  4. well..well…has been some time since i’ve visited, and i must say i like what you’ve done to the place. spiffed up all around! lovely. in terms of this week’s tv…i must say that i’m about ready to bonk. you would think i would hit rock bottom and finally reach for that classic novel on the shelf that is on my “must read before I die” list, but no…i find myself saying things like, “huh. they’re going to show how you can put cement tiles on your yard shed on ‘this old house.’ i could get into that.” (please note that i have neither shed nor yard.) IT’S THAT BAD! i’m excited about eli stone, though. i always like shows about people who think they’re crazy but could be geniuses or blessed.

  5. well apparently time can be filled with lots of misc choices, like Rock of Love 2 which I swore I wouldn’t get addicted to (and psycho redhead had a very limited roll in the roller derby so no singing!) and the show that I am surprised by how much I actually like: Celebrity Rehab, that Dr Drew is serious about folks getting help. and the early reviews on Eli Stone look promising so def worth a look!

  6. so I thought Eli Stone was cute, I thought Eli was likable, as were some of the supporting characters, a little cold to Natasha and Victor but I think that’s sort of intended with those characters, and they set a pretty scalable precedent for where the series would go… plus who can argue with a show that has George Michael sing!

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