this week 9/8

Well full fall’s still not quite upon us but the shows are trickling out, here’s the premieres you can catch this week:

In case you missed it some new reality returned with Cops (Fox, Sat 9/8, 8pm) and America’s Most Wanted (Fox, Sat 9/8, 9pm). I don’t think I’ve even watched an episode of either of these. And we ramp up the week with the return of The Biggest Loser (NBC, Tues 9/11, 8pm). Since it started after I made the decision to drop reality I can’t vouch for this weight loss challenge, but I know folks who are addicted to the competition that offers a little less backstabbing and a little more hope for folks to change their lives. Then there’s new show Nashville (Fox, Fri 9/14, 9pm) that’s a reality show following wannabe music stars, that I’ve heard are attractive and actually talented. Since it’s by the producers of Laguna Beach think more docu-soap than competition. And this next weekend brings us Mad TV (Fox, Sat 9/15, 11pm) and Talk Show with Spike Feresten (Fox, Sat 9/15, 12am). I’ve never watched these and I’d like to say it’s because I’m always out on a Saturday night, so I will, that’s what I’ll say.

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  1. I watched most of the Big Fat Loser two hour premiere after about a pitcher of beer and various kinds of chips, and was almost inspired to drop and do pushups… is it really physically possible to lose more than 20 pounds in a week? I guess starting at around 400 makes that easier. I’m not going to let myself get sucked in!

  2. ok so like on Nashville terry bradshaw’s daughter like had a boyfriend, but she wanted some freedom, so when like clint this hot rich guy made the moves she like totally made out with him and then like broke up with her boyfriend, but then like clint totally ignored her so she told him to like totally burn alive or like something, then like clint told her he wanted to pursue their ‘relationship’ but then like started hitting on mika who is brand new to nashville and like had totally been hanging out with chuck, or no, not like chuck, chuck was the guy with the girlfriend who was like a serious catch and he was like going to hang on to her, so like there was another guy who like liked mika but of course she is going for clint. — oh and they’re all country singers except clint.

    almost cheesy enough to dig but a little too forced and the people (particularly bradshaw and clint) are a little too annoying – for me it’s a pass

    update: Nashville is pulled from its friday slot to ‘potentially’ return in october

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