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So I watched today’s The View to see how Whoopi was going to settle in. I know no one cares about the View (ok, they get ratings) but I started to wonder why? When the show started the premise was that television journalist/personality Barbara Walters was gathering four women of differing backgrounds and differing points of view (ages 20s to 60s and professions journalism, attorney, comedian…) to talk about what’s going on and what people are talking about, guests included. Theoretically interesting (you know for a daytime tv talk show).

After ten years, and a few panel changes (goodbye to Debbie, Lisa and Meredith and good riddance to Star and Rosie) they’ve all gotten a little older and with each new addition the panel seems less like the diverse everywomen that we started with. Barbara’s still Barbara, for better and worse, and I do like Joy who has attitude and humor. Unfortunately with Elizabeth, 30ish wife and new mother, we’ve lost the young single new professional and it’s a pity her uber conservative pov isn’t better articulated with only strict party loyalty buzz words and phrases.

As for Whoopi, I’m theoretically a fan, but though she brings us a touch of ethnic and background diversity that I know is important, she’s another 50ish standup comedian, and to be honest I’m not sure her laid back style is the right energy for the show (though certainly better than Rosie’s overpowering manner). As for the remaining open panelist position, which will reportedly be filled soon and by a previous guest host, how about not hiring another middle aged actress/comedian? Then again I’m really not watching.

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  1. well monday they are supposed to announce their final co host and all signs point to actress/comedian and born again christian (like doesn’t believe in evolution christian) Sherri Shepard. apparently i missed the call for me to swing by and sit in, maybe when Elizabeth goes on maternity leave…

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