tv guide fall preview

I still can’t comment on what’s worth watching of the new stuff… but for a full overview of what’s new, and returning, as well as a nifty printable premiere date calendar (so everyone can plan their schedules accordingly), TV Guide has done a nice little section.

In case you’re not ready to dip in it looks like next week the only premieres you need to worry about are a couple gameshows Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (Fox, Thurs 9/6, 8pm) and Don’t Forget the Lyrics! (Fox, Thurs 9/6, 9pm). As mentioned, I don’t really do gameshows.

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  1. game shows, really? I have to admit that I watched Don’t Forget the Lyrics when it came on this summer and was mildly amused by botched lyrics (and I thought this one, in more of a millioinaire format, was better than Singing Bee). and I might just be worried that I might not be able to mock others for not being smarter than a 5th grader if I don’t know any of the answers… perhaps I’ll give it a go at least once.

    and thanks for the bin laden tip!

  2. so i finally watched an episode of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader and i think if i’m going to do a gameshow i prefer the older style of show like jeopardy where they pummel you with questions as opposed to taking an hour to get through ten questions… i don’t really want to talk to the person about how they feel about their answer and then do the whole we’ll find out the answer after the commercial… and i really could do with some geography and history lessons…

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