more returning fall tv

So in addition to the fall favorites there are some other shows that tend to hit my tivo:

  • 2 1/2 Men – (CBS, Mon 9/24, 9:00) This sitcom sometimes errs on the crass side of comedy but for the most part they’ve made these somewhat stereotypical characters pretty funny, think Felix and Oscar as brothers only Oscar has a crude, lazy, maybe stupid kid.
  • 30 Rock – (NBC, Thurs 10/4, 8:30) A ‘comedic’ look at behind the scenes of a SNL type show, the characters and stories started to get a good groove toward the end of the season.
  • America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) – (CW, Wed 9/19, 8:00) Ok I admit it, this show is super cheesy, but it’s a pretty good mix of actual challenges and model judging with that unbelievable stupid crazy that reality shows (and probably reality) tend to find.
  • Bones – (Fox, Tues 9/25, 8:00) So maybe I tuned into this just because I would watch anything Angel moved on to, but he and his not yet romantic partner both have good characters and chemistry as she, a forensic anthropologist, and her team, help out the FBI.
  • Brothers and Sisters – (ABC, Thurs 9/30, 10:00) I still don’t love Calista, but again I found myself looking forward to this show. This soapy mess of a family deals with business and personal drama that they mostly create themselves, though much was initially triggered by secrets hidden by the recently deceased patriarch of the family.
  • House – (Fox, Tues 9/25, 9:00) I watch it, but I find the fact that since they are always dealing with a difficult disease in a short amount of time they basically look like they try a bunch of stuff that isn’t working for an hour until they land on the right thing mostly just in time. Also though the House character is too over the top, Hugh Laurie does do a great job.
  • My Name is Earl – (NBC, Thurs 9/27, 8:00) I just sort of like Jason Lee as the bumbling white trash small time crook trying to right his wrongs, with the crazy cast of supporting characters.
  • The New Adventures of Old Christine – (CBS, Midseason) Julia Louis-Dreyfus finally found a good vehicle to do her own brand of self deprecating and physical comedy while she deals with trying to reenter the dating world, among other things, with support from her family and friends.
  • Numb3rs – (CBS, Fri 9/28, 10:00) A relatively formulaic crime show, I guess I like the way they use math to solve the crimes, explaining complex algorithms with silly metaphors, and the family dynamic with math wiz, fbi guy, and normal guy dad.
  • The Office – (NBC, Thurs 9/27, 9:00) I was pained at first by watching annoying people in an office, I mean don’t we all get enough of that at our own offices, but this US version seems to have hit it’s stride with some added subtlety to the comic folks.
  • Scrubs – (NBC, Thurs 10/25, 8:30) This hospital comedy has a pretty good dose of ridiculous characters and scenarios but I think it works.

I do tend to hold some procedurals ’til summer reruns: L&O, L&O: SVU, and Criminal Minds with the occasional dash of CSI.

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  1. FYI, in the running in my household based on your synopses: Heroes (watching it right this minute to get acquanited — liking it!), 30Rock, The Office. So please make sure you pay attn. to those, often, ahem, thanks.

    Is the Japanese guy trying to get the waitress on the plane to Japan in order to save her from something bad that will happen to her in the future? will there be some romantic thing between them?

    and what’s the story with the show Journeyman?

  2. why does heroes give me a rash — seems like there is a little too much pedophilia? I mean, I guess I’m just not into I square?

  3. heroes is a good one, and yes brooklyn you’re square, as you’re introduced to the rest of the cast I think there’s actually a pretty good age distribution, and the public all recently cheered when the cheerleader actress turned 18, perhaps still to young for some but at least legal.

    our japanese hiro (one of the favorites) is trying to master the possibilities of time travel to save victims of the current evil guy sylar… as for the romance, better to have loved and lost… and if you want to do some serious catching up season one is out on dvd…

  4. oh and as for journeyman, i haven’t heard much, i’m eagerly awaiting the critics with advance screenings to give some real thoughts, but the premise is guy goes back in time to right wrongs with unpredictable results…

  5. nice to see that ANTM finally made the list….
    before anyone gives me shit for my television viewing habits, i just want to quote from an ealier post:

    “…he’s trying to master the possibilities of time travel to save victims of the current evil guy sylar..”

    i saw this guy on the 21 the other day with a suhwhEEEET star wars bag that you all might be interested in.

  6. i do embrace my geekdom, but for the record i think the genre does not denote the quality or enjoyability per se, though we all have a preference… and i discourage shit given for anyone’s preferences! ok, show mocking is still of course allowed…

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